FIT FOR FRIDAY Guys, its starts with the same age old question on a Friday morning, afternoon or for a bit of suspense………evening. “Are you going for a pint?!” What better way to unwind after a stressful week of meetings, boardrooms, deadlines, paperwork, computers……….the same tedious and monotonous working regime! Your thinking to yourself Harvey […]

Always Bet On Black!

In the film Passenger 57 Wesley Snipes utters the immortal words (despite 80’s and 90’s action films being slated as cheesy, I loved them!) “Let me give you a word of advice……….always bet on black!” Wesley meant this in an entirely different context of course. To see what he meant you should watch it. It’s […]

A guide to affordable grooming

Grooming! A highly contentious issue among men. The perception of a Man’s Man is he doesn’t groom. He doesn’t moisturise. He doesn’t use anti ageing creams or face-washes. He’s a Man after all! What’s more he’s a Manly Man! Now, we can debate the definition of a Manly Man all day long but lets just […]