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Grooming! A highly contentious issue among men. The perception of a Man’s Man is he doesn’t groom. He doesn’t moisturise. He doesn’t use anti ageing creams or face-washes. He’s a Man after all! What’s more he’s a Manly Man! Now, we can debate the definition of a Manly Man all day long but lets just agree to disagree?! If you don’t value the art of grooming then this post is not for you, unfortunately!

Still with me?!……………Great! Let’s begin.

First of all lets establish something that is more than likely going to happen…….you will get stick from your mates for using moisturisers or following fashion. I know I did! To be fair, most young men have a greater appreciation of fashion and grooming. I suspect there will still be some stick though!

I’ve been grooming for years! I’m 32 now. I’ve been grooming (or attempting to groom) since I was around 16 so I’ve plenty of experience in this field. I was one of the unfortunate ones to suffer from teenage acne. My introduction to grooming was an necessity (thanks acne!). I believed everything Clearasil said regarding getting rid of the scourge of almost every teenager! Eventually the affliction was defeated however a fascination with grooming remained.

What I know now is grooming is an essential part of looking. In fact its arguably THE most important part! Fashion and style can only do so much. Heck! Even the gym can’t compensate for a poor grooming regime.

I’ve tried a lot of grooming products during my time. I recommend two brands of products. The L’Oreal Men expert range for more advanced grooming users willing to spend more money. For a beginner or someone new to the game of grooming I recommend the Nivea for Men range. I mostly use this range now. It ticks every box for me!

My Nivea for Men range consists of;


Nivea For Men Fresh Look Facewash Gel

I love this face wash. There’s such a great fresh hit off it which is essential for morning time! Nivea say this gel is “enriched with Vitamin+ Complex and cellulose micro beads, the innovative and light gel formula removes impurities and dead skin cell, and helps unblock pores.”  Let me tell you the micro beads are incredibly effective! They do a great job for cleaning the facial and neck area. There’s a superb scent from it as well. For me it smells like Summer! Its a refreshing happy scent!

Where to get it

I buy this in Tesco. Yes it’s that simple. Tesco. Its on promotion every 3 or 4 weeks so keep an eye on this. It’s under €10. On promotion its even cheaper. I don’t think you will be disappointed with it if you do try it!


Nivea For Men Creme

The highly contentious moisturiser! I advocate the use of a moisturiser. Skin always feel dry after washing it. The face is no different. So why not moisture it? This stuff is great and theres loads of it so its great value for money in my opinion. Nivea says it “cares for your skin by giving it a boost of hydration, helping it from drying out (See I told you skin dries out!). The light formula is non-greasy (I can vouch for it!), non-sticky and absorbs quickly (I agree). Especially developed for for men. (I presume Manly Men too?!), it is suitable for face, body, hands – everywhere your skin needs it (Yes they mean there and yes you should give it a trim regularly).”

Where to get it?

I get this in Tesco. Once again its pretty good value for money. Retailing around the €5-€6 mark. It is on promotion every 3 or 4 weeks as well so keep an eye on it.


Nivea For Men Sport

I absolutely love this shower gel! It smells so good! The combination of the scent and your own skin results in a great natural smell. There’s a lot of lather too so the value for money is great here too. I think it is really invigorating especially post gym or pre going out which is what you want!

Nivea say this sport shower is “for men who want revitalising and refreshing skin care (it does both in abundance!). The caring formula with its fresh masculine lime scent (smells incredible!) provides yours skin with long-lasting freshness.” I completely agree Nivea!

Where to get it?

You guessed it, Tesco. Every little helps after all. Once again it’s pretty affordable retailing around €4 and once again you can get it on promotion if your paying attention!


Nivea For Men Cool Kick

This anti-perspirant is very refreshing! There’s a great smell from it too as you would expect. I prefer roll on to body spray. Body spray tends to go everywhere. I put some roll on before bed. Try to keep roll on or body spray away from whites and blacks to avoid wardrobe malfunctions!

Where to get it?!

Tesco. Again you can get it for a very affordable price. I picked this one up for half price at €1.60. That’s an incredible bargain guys!


There you have it guys. Proof you don’t have to spend loads of money on grooming. As I said I’m still using this stuff so it must be good! Nivea For Men have a grooming guide here, check it out! Its really good.

I hope you found this post useful. If theres a topic you would like to see posted or you have any questions or ideas please share them with me at fashionabablefrank@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out my instagram account for more fashion inspiration!

I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you’ve been fantastic!








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