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I have teamed up with Beara Beara to bring you some fantastic leather bags to consider buying! I have picked 3 bags suitable for every occasion. However, before I delve into my recommendations let me give you a brief history on who Beara Beara are…


The story of Beara Beara starts with a journey through Latin America. Jake Bullough (Beara Beara founder) was living in Bolivia and working as a travel writer. Jake wrote about the people whom he encountered. In La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, he met the wonderful Julia, who along with her extended family have been making and selling leather bags from a tiny shop in the back streets of the city for many years. Intrigued by the combination of incredible craftsmanship and quality materials, they began collaborating, turning Jake’s designs into a collection of never seen before handbags. And so Beara Beara was born! Beara Beara continues to grow and now have stores in London and Shanghai. This is a brief history of the brand however there is more of the story to discover along with a video to watch here.

Making leather bags


Beara Beara are a unique British Designer Brand specialising in making hand crafted leather bags, promoting style and individual taste. These are are phenomenal high end pieces. The craftsmanship when creating these bags is a joy to behold, watch it unfold in this video. I have picked three pieces from the extensive Beara Beara collection I think every man needs…



I have picked this full leather rucksack for modern explorers! I love the tan colour, it really stands out. The Rucksack combines functionality with comfort featuring padded straps and light padding in the pack which makes carrying heavy loads more comfortable. This rucksack is perfect for inter railing around Europe or exploring South America. You could just use it as a statement piece ruck sack for every day use too for example going to college or Uni. The San Jose Tan Ruck sack can fit up to 15 inch laptops making it a perfect companion for students. Custom personalisation and embossing is also available. Learn more about that here. The choice is yours! For more information and how to buy click here.

San Jose Tan Rucksack
Beara Beara San Jose Tan Rucksack
Beara Beara Tan Rucksack
Love the colour!
Beara Beara tan rucksack
Padded back for comfort



I have chosen this luxurious briefcase for office workers or anyone needing a briefcase. A briefcase will be used on a daily basis so having a good quality one is essential. How it looks is also important and the Beara Beara El Dorado is eye catching. This large classic style satchel/briefcase is handmade from robust natural leather. It boosts a spacious interior that can room laptops, books and folders making it a suitable professional satchel/briefcase. The El Dorado is the ultimate workday or study companion and it also comes with a central divider to help protect your laptop. Carry it by the side using the long shoulder strap or hold it by the strong top handle. The classic briefcase shape and brass-toned hardware gives the satchel a timeless feel and is guaranteed to last many many years. For more information and how to buy click here.

Beara Beara El Dorado Briefcase
Beara Beara El Dorado Briefcase
Beara Beara Satchel
Classic design!


Beara Beara El Dorado Briefcase
Love the logo!



I have picked this Beara Beara holdall as I travel quite a bit on weekends (NOT as glamorous as it sounds!) so I am always on the lookout for a holdall which looks stylish and sturdy. I love the colours! Black is a perfect colour for holdall’s! A holdall can be used for the gym too. The George is a large, spacious and practical holdall. The George can be carried over one shoulder by the adjustable top straps, by the side using the long shoulder strap or in your hand. It has a beautifully classic style and is a very durable bag. The soft leather allows for flexibility while the rigid leather ensures that the bag keeps its silhouette for many years to come. For more information and how to buy click here.

Beara Beara Holdhall
Beara Beara The George Holdall
Beara Beara Holdall
I love the contrast handles and straps


Beara Beara Holdall
Perfect weekend or gym companion

Unique British Designer Brand – one of London’s ‘one to watch’

What began in 2012 as a unique collaboration between an Irish entrepreneur and a small Bolivian family business, has now become renowned as a classic London designer brand, Beara Beara. The whole Beara Beara story is one of inspiration, ethics and passion. These values are reflected in a loyal and dedicated customer base who connect with the brand, its values and vision. The dedication, effort and expertise that goes into every bag reflects this young business’ ambition and desire to become one of the world’s leading designer brands. You heard it here first!

I hope you enjoyed this post on designers bags and it has provided you with some inspiration for your next purchase.

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I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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Beara Beara Rucksack
Beara Beara rucksack is for every day use!
Beara Beara rucksack
Bring your Beara Beara rucksack exploring









Beara Beara briefcase
Beara Beara satchel

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