TOPPBOX Grooming Box

TOPPBOX Men’s Grooming and Skincare Box

Hello everybody! I discovered a superb company recently, TOPPBOX, who provide personalised premium grooming and skincare products through a subscription service. They have been featured in GQ, Men’s Health and Esquire and are the UK’s number 1 grooming box! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE  WHAT IS TOPPBOX Capitalising on the popularity of the subscription based Men’s accessories industry they provide a premium personalised grooming service. […]


I was made in the 80’s. I feel fortunate and honoured to be entrusted with spreading the news another 80’s classic is back, MILANO CENTO! When I sniffed the scent for the first time I recognised it (I was a little young to buy fragrances then!) Okay, I hadn’t smelt it in years but a wave of nostalgia came flooding back as […]


Hey Guys and girls, I have a skin care treat for you today. I have teamed up with Beauty Belle to review Award Winning British Brand Barber Pro. They are unique because they have produced the world’s first sheet mask range designed specifically for men. It is an honour to review such innovative products! ***I was […]