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Today I shall be reviewing the Ferrari Fragrance Case for iPhone 6 and 6s. This product is brand new and it has something rather innovative build into it, a fragrance. So after checking Instagram and Facebook you can spray yourself with some fragrance and smell absolutely divine! Initial impressions are this is the real deal guys and girls. Shall we delve a little deeper? (That was a rhetorical question – of course we will!)


The packaging as you can see is striking! Its big, its bright, its masculine and its red with the Legendary Ferrari Emblem emblazoned on the front. When you are hunting for a new iPhone case you certainly won’t miss this…..BUT….do you actually want one? Lets break this product down.




The first thing that strikes me about this case when its out of its packaging is just how well made it is. Its sturdy and offers protection to the back (the primary focus of a phone cover is meant to be protection after all.) the protection offered to the screen isn’t great. If the phone falls screen first it might survive a flat impact however if there is something like a rock etc then there is nothing on this cover to prevent screen damage. It is a back cover though so that is something to consider.


The unique selling point of this cover is the fragrance. Its a fragrance case. There is plenty of fragrance as well. There’s one fragrance is the phone cover and a refill in the packaging so there is good value for money here. I’m thrilled to reveal this function of the case is absolutely superb! The vaporiser has a really strong spray around 3-4 inches outwards. This is highly important as if the vaporiser was weak it could result in fragrance dribbling down the phone cover. This could ruin the cover. It will almost certainly ruin your white skinny jeans! – We can’t have that! The fragrance itself is quite nice, its very strong so I advise only a few well placed squirts to avoid too much testosterone being released!

(The sneaky bit: I know you are thinking the same thing as me. Once the fragrance is finished can we use a different preferred fragrance. I have investigated the possibility and it looks unlikely. You could remove the end of the fragrance packaging in this photo and refill with your choice however reattaching could be an issue. – I have not tried it and nor do I advocate attempting it either!)


So you are delighted with your Ferrari Fragrance. You have experienced the benefits women have over men – topping up your scent on a night out. Not in the toilet though oh nooooooo while you are checking the footy scores or Facebook…BEAT THAT! Ladies! The time has come to insert your refill. This, I’m delighted to say is pretty easy (even for me!). Don’t throw away the instructions and its even easier however we are men – we don’t need instructions or directions! The process is fairly simple the only potential issue I could think of was the vaporiser part detaching. This is easily done. This case is clearly well made with every eventuality taken into account. If you are struggling with it then I’m sure there is a youtube video on how to do it. You won’t need it though!


Theres a lot going on with this case. As I am writing this review I nearly forgot its primary focus is as a phone case. As a phone case we have discussed protection. Now we discuss style. With the evolution of super sleek ultra thin smart phones like iPhone, the Xperia and the Galaxy etc the job of phone covers become much more difficult. We want protection but we don’t want something too bulky either. The Ferrari Fragrance fails the “too bulky” element. The case, in my opinion, is superb. It is however going to be “too bulky” for some people. Theres a trade off to be made – protection v style. A “bulky” phone v a smashed phone. Its your choice. The case fits really well in my hand. From this point of view everyday phone use will not be impaired!




I really like the Ferrari Fragrance Case. Its a product with a unique selling point with the fragrance build in. This function will appeal to more people than others. It is bit bulky in the pocket however if you want protection for your phone then some sacrifices have to be made. I would rather a “bulky” stylish phone cover and the inconvenience that brings rather than a smashed phone with 18 months contract left…… I recommend buying it. It is especially appealing to Formula One enthusiast or anyone with an interest in Motor Sports. Its a great gift to to receive and it isn’t badly priced considering you get a lot of fragrance as well as protection! I think this case appeals to most age groups too. It is not gimmicky or childish looking.

You can purchase the Ferrari Fragrance Case here. It is also available in black.

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