I am a dapper dresser at heart! There is something sophisticated about putting on a blazer or getting suited and booted for men. For any man Perhaps it was a steady diet of James Bond movies while I was growing up. The suave 007 always looked good! I love accessories. Choosing the right accessories can really enhance an outfit! I have discovered a great brand, Lochcarron of Scotland. They specialise in producing Tartan, in fact they are the worlds leading manufacturer of it. Any dapper dressers reading this will appreciate the versatility of Tartan. Today I am going to show you how to incorporate a Tartan tie and scarf into some outfits BUT before I introduce you to Locharron of Scotland, here is a sample of accessories in question with some outfit ideas.

Lochcarron Scarf and Tie with Camel Blazer and grey waistcoat
Choosing the right accessories enhances every outfit!
Lochcarron Scarf and Tie with Chelsea Boots
Chelsea Boots and Tartan! Oh yes!
Lochcarron Scarf and Tie with Brogues
For a more traditional look use some brogues


With a heritage dating back to 1892, Lochcarron of Scotland is the world’s leading manufacturer of tartan. Proudly Made in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women who design, dye, warp, weave, mend and tailor our Scottish tartans and textiles. A truly global brand with timeless appeal! Lochcarron of Scotland offers a unique authenticity and showcases the very best of Scottish textiles. From kilt to catwalk, Lochcarron of Scotland champions traditional tartan fabric manufacturing whilst continuing to innovate, designing bespoke creations for major international fashion houses.

They carry an extensive collection of mens clothing including, highland dress, ties and bow ties, scarves and flat caps. There is even Ryder Cup collection. Lochcarron have womenswear along home / interior selections too. Boasting exclusive collections such as the Peter Rabbit collection, the Princess Diana Memorial collection and the aforementioned Ryder Cup collection there is something for everyone. Lochcarron also provide a made to measure service.


The items I shall be providing outfit inspiration for are from this collection. There is a fascinating history to this tartan.

“This Tartan bears the name of the famous 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. First raised in 1729, as four Independent Companies of Highlanders to patrol and keep the peace within the Highlands. Their complement was increased in 1739 and the companies were formed into a regiment. The Black Watch has a long record of military service to the Nation. They were called “Freiceadan Dubh” by the Highlanderes in the allusion to the sombre colours of their tartan and to their employment as Watchers over the Highlands.”

I love discovering the history of products and companies!


I want to show you how versatile the Lochcarron of Scotland Black Watch accessories are. To label these accessories as dapper only pieces is to do them an injustice. They can be used in a street style inspired outfit too.


Teaming the Lochcarron of Scotland Black Watch Scarf and Tie with a waistcoat and denim jacket looks great. I love experimenting with my style.

Lochcarron tie and scarf with a denim jacket
I love to experiment with my style! Love this look!
Lochcarron tie and scarf with a denim jacket
Street Styling!


The Lochcarron of Scotland Black Watch Tie and Scarf are perfect accessories for occasions where smart dress is required. Using the colour scheme of the Tartan is a great way to form your colour flow. Teaming with navy creates a powerful look, ideal for more formal engagement such weddings, job interviews, confirmations, communions even dates etc as well.

Lochcarron tie and navy suit
Paired the Tie with navy! Great look!

You can go with just the waistcoat too if you like? Strategic placement of accessories really helps to interest in your outfit.

Lochcarron Tie and Scarf with a waistcoat look
Pair the Scarf and Tie together for a dapper look!


The Lochcarron of Scotland Black Watch Scarf is an ideal partner for your smart casual outfits. Team it with a Roll Neck, in this case a burgundy roll neck and you have a comfortable yet stylish look!

Lochcarron scarf and crombie coat
Say hello to my little friend, Loch Carron!
Lochcarron Scarf and Mango Man Blazer
A Green Blaze picks up the colour of the tartan nicely

Shop the Black Watch collection or the entire Lochcarron of Scotland collection on their website here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have been inspired by the outfit choices today. I feel there is something for every style of dresser. Any questions then contact me directly through the contact form.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,

Until next time,


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