Johnny’s Chop Shop is a London based retro inspired Barber Shop specialising in everything related to Mens styling and grooming. They sell everything, clay, pomade, beard oil, shampoo, dry shampoo and hair gel. Johnny’s Chop Shop also sell some really cool packages like a retro inspired wash bag (I love this one!) and a gift set which includes a funky fold out comb. These are the kind of gifts guys want – not socks or scarfs! Give the gift of grooming this Christmas!

What is Johnny’s Chop Shop?

To be transported back to a time when Men were….MEN, the interior of your barber shop had the original “retro” decor and feel to it (DAMN! These salons :-P). With a Barber Shop located in the iconic Topman on Oxford Street Johnny’s Chop Shop is definitely a stylish place to get a haircut. As I mentioned they sell grooming products for men too. BUT, are these any good?!


The collection I received from Caitriona of Revolve PR were Johnny’s Chop Shop Born Lucky Shampoo with a shot of conditioner, Johnny’s Sheen Hair Pomade, Johnny’s Chop Shop Trigger Happy Texturising Spray and Johnny’s Chop Shop Hell Gel Firm Hold.


Starting from the bare minimum I washed my hair with the Born Lucky Shampoo. Theres a lovely scent off it so washing your hair won’t be a chore. Nice lather from it as well and bouncy shiny hair was the result of my experience. I liked it a lot. For those of us living in the rat race having a shot of conditioner reduces washing hair time too. An added bonus!

Born Lucky Shampoo
Lathering it up, strike a pose! Yakety Yak!


I think Johnny’s Chop Shop Pomade is pretty good. My hair was styled straight after towel drying. I like to change up my hairstyle, at the moment I like it slicked back going to the side. To demonstrate the versatility of the Hair Pomade I have included photos of different styles.  The Pomade is a wet look so expect a great shine from your hair and has a lovely scent definitely one you won’t get tired of. The Pomade is quite sticky but then what one isn’t? Its all about the hold and as we can see it delivers!

Hair Pomade Hair Styles
Remotely shooting with my phone, isn’t tech great!

Slicked Back - Johnny's Chop Shop Style!


Trigger Happy Texturising Spray needs an introduction. “surfer-style texture for a rough and ready finish. Cut with caffeine” this stuff does the job it says it does. Cut with caffeine” is intriguing and the scent from it is really masculine. For a different look try this. The Texturising Spray doesn’t leave your hair as dry as the sahara desert either.Its pretty wet though so that is something to consider before going Trigger Happy on your well groomed locks! It worked best for me when simply roughing up my hair.

Johnny’s Chop Shop HELL GEL FIRM HOLD

HELL GEL! Johnny’s Chop Shop certainly have a way with words when describing their products. Once again this is a Firm Hold Gel. Most guys have used a Firm Hold Gel before and in this case the directions are to “apply through damp hair, do your thing and leave dry. Don’t expect a lot of volume in your hair from a gel. However the hold is great. Another top notch product here.


Born Lucky or Born Good? For Johnny’s Chop Shop its a mixture of both in Fashionable Franks opinion. Their tagline slogan is Born Lucky however I think they were Born Good! If you are stuck for buying presents for the men in your life then give the gift of grooming! Johnny’s Chop Shop products are available online from their website and in Boots.

I highly recommend Johnny’s Chop Shop products in particular the Born Lucky Shampoo and Hair Pomade simply because I use these to style my hair on a regular basis. Experimenting more with the Trigger Happy Texturising Spray and Hell Gel Firm Hold is a New Years Resolution as they are good products. Let 2017 be your most stylish year to date with Johnny’s Chop Shop Barber Products! Why not follow my journey check me out on Twitter @franks_fashion, my Facebook page Fashionable Frank and on Instagram @fashionable_frank! To read more Frank inspired Fashion click here.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!


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