Noose and Monkey! Funky Formal Wear

Tis the season to be suited and booted fa la la la la la! 

I have a number of formal engagements coming up. A wedding after party, A christening, Ladies Day at the races and another Wedding! Its going to be a formal few months ahead. This brings me along to what to wear to such formal occasions? What do you wear? What brands do you think of? The usual suspects?! (Great film by the way! One of Kevin Spacey’s finest performances. YES, he was famous before House of Cards!)


During my research for formal wear to wear to such occasions I was searching for something more………striking, something more inspiring, something…….FUNKY! I certainly found that with Noose & Monkey, check out the website and learn the history of the Brand here. I first discovered Noose & Monkey in Topman in London! I can recall being mesmerised by the mannequins and the overall attention to detail. Small things like the lining of their Suit jackets which is just simply wicked! Anyway, before I go completely off the point……..WHERE WAS I?!……….Oh yeah, Formal Wear Shopping.

As a fashion blogger (and addict), some say fashionista……..?! I think I have a higher threshold than most regarding FUNKY or more daring fashion. I work in Fashion so I’m well used of new trends and colours which might at first seem a bit risqué!

What follows is a Noose & Monkey look book along with what I would wear to such formal engagements if I had unlimited access to the amazing clothing on show! (Noose & Monkey if you are reading this unlimited access to your stock is a burden I am willing to accept :-p) For more inspiration check out this link

I love the purple blazer look here. Some Cons for a relaxed look!

Bold colours on show here. Love these 3 piece suits. The disguised tie is just class!

My personal favourites are these too! The Suit looks great! The styling and outfit construction of the look on the right is magnificent! I want to buy it this instant!!!!

What would Fashionable Frank wear?!!!

Wedding After Party, Race Days and Christenings 

For a Wedding after party where no suit is required I would go for this beautiful blazer! I would like a black pencil tie with this look though. Going with no collar? I would pick a grandad collar shirt with contrast black buttons. Emphasize black with Blazer

Winter Wedding, Race Days and Christenings

For Autumn/Winter formal engagements I like to keep my colour palette dark. I love A/W clothing and the time of year in general. Crisp cold evenings with the prospect of Snow…….and Santa! What’s not to love?! Yes, yes I know, off the point. This purple 3 piece suit ticks all the Autumn/Winter boxes for me. WEAR IT with CONFIDENCE!

For Everything Else

If I’m not too keen on the bold coloured Blazers or statement Suits then this is the Suit I would go for. The mini check, almost houndstooth design is not too outrageous. The monochrome colour palette also helps when choosing accessories to go with the Suit. Its as simple as black and white with some grey! Sometimes simple is best!

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I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic

Stay Stylish!




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