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I have had a lot of phones over the years. At moment I have an Android Powered Sony Xperia. I made the move from iPhone a couple of years ago. A lot of people think Android and iOS are like chalk and cheese and have very little in common however I have found something which links the two, a severe lack of sleek and stylish yet sturdy phone cases at reasonable prices…..UNTIL NOW! 

Let me introduce you to the solution, 


SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
My superb new accessory!

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SnakeHive were founded in 2009 with a simple concept, to offer the finest quality phone cases and accessories at a reasonable price. SnakeHive pride themselves on customer care and industry knowledge. In fact, SnakeHive take customer care so seriously they offer a 3 month guarantee on their phone cases! SnakeHive utilise their industry knowledge to construct smart, sleek and of stylish cases. In 2011 the Snake Hive website launched with their first range of leather phone cases, the “classic” range. 2015 saw the release of new product ranges, the “vintage collection” and the “wilderness collection“. These new ranges of luxury nubuck and premium quality wood cases give greater choice to those seeking something a little bit different when it comes to protecting their smartphones. The choice of luxury nubuck and premium quality wood cases.


As Harvey Spector from Suits once said “get it through your head, first impressions last! You start behind the 8 ball you’ll never get in front it”. The SnakeHive Vintage Collection is certainly not starting behind the 8 ball! The competition might well describe SnakeHive as the 8 ball.

These cases are designed in the UK by SnakeHive and are produced in Europe. The Vintage Collection cases is a unique range of leather cases offering stylish protection for your phone. My case is burgundy. It looks great! The cases are made from European Nuback leathers with a natural matt finish and are hand stitched, the inside of the cases are made of smooth, soft leather to protect your all important screen. The Vintage Collection is available for all popular phones as well. Check it out here.

SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
A striking colour!


The case is in a folio or wallet fold out style. The product is a striking burgundy almost burnt red colour. No more rooting around the Man Bag/Joey Satchel looking for this bad boy case. Its from the SnakeHive Vintage Collection. The leather construction gives it a premium feel BUT not a premium price point, a win/win! 10/10

SnakeHive Wallet Style Phone Case
A beautifully crafted Folio style Phone Case


The protection offered by the SnakeHive Vintage Collection phone case is very high. The case is solid and strong but the leather is soft (the 21st century man’s case!) and covers all the important ports. As we will discover from the pretty pictures attached the case offers all round protection. Your beloved smartphone will be kept in place by plastic moulding. A magnetic clasp closes at the front to ensure the phone is secured! I have had the case for a few days and I think The SnakeHive Vintage Collection phone case does a superb job of protecting my phone.

SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
The phone case offers great all around protection
SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
Safe and Secure!


Are you one of those guys who carries his bulky wallet everywhere? Ladies, looking for a practical and stylish gift for the man in your life? Look no further. The case features a card holder and a cash compartment concealed behind it. Handy features to have! The detailing on the cover when you open the wallet out is really nice. The beautiful SnakeHive logo is embroidered at the bottom with the universal genuine leather logo symbol is at the top. Stylish, yet sleek and sturdy!


SnakeHive say their phone cases are premium products but not at premium prices. The price for the Sony Xperia case is a very reasonable £16.95 around €20. Delivery within the UK is fast and free with same day dispatch if you order before 4pm. In my opinion the quality of the product is worth more than the price quoted.

SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
Attempting to look distinguished!

Check out the rest of the Snakehive collection with this Trailer of their superb products! I love the editing on this video it is really funky. Great job guys!


The quality of the products provided by SnakeHive are superb in my opinion. They are beautifully crafted pieces which provide a sleek and sturdy case without sacrificing on style. That is not something that is easy to achieve! In fact I’ve had queries from friends about where I got the case so it must be good. The price points on the SnakeHive phone cases are very reasonable given the amount of protection offered and of course how great they look. I definitely recommend buying one. Its a 10/10 for me.

Shop the collection at the SNAKEHIVE Website. Tell them Fashionable Frank sent you!

I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!


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SnakeHive Vintage Collection Phone Case
This chair is for you!

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