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A quick look at my Instagram page will reveal my love for Italy! The locations, the fashion, the football teams (I’m a Juve fan), the rich history, the…..women, Italians do a lot of things very well. Italians are acclaimed for their style so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be working with the essence of Made In Italy, Canali.


I, of course realise not everyone reading this post is familiar with Canali so let me introduce you to the brand. Canali is a family run business founded in 1934 who have a long and distinguished history in menswear. A lot of things have changed since however Canali are still providing superb sartorial style for fashion conscious men around the world. Through their Made In Italy excellence principles Canali are renowned for their elegant and luxurious pieces which feature premium fabrics. You can discover more about the fascinating history of of Canali here.


Canali are famous for their Suit range and are synonymous with quality and excellence combining elite craftsmanship with Made In Italy excellence. Only the best fabrics and materials are used in the construction of their Suits. A desire for being the best is promoted within the company and this is why for over 80 years Canali has represented Made In Italy through out the world.


Canali are famous for their formal wear range in particular suits. I have some outfits to show you how Made In Italy will ensure you look a Made Man (little gangster reference there, I found it funny!).


The Venzia Suit comes in an eye catching shade of sapphire blue and will ensure you attract attention…..for all the right reasons of course! The Suit looks amazing. It features “Travel Fabric” this is exclusive to Canali and means this sartorial masterpiece is resistant to stains and creases. No need to worry about spilling your cappuccino then (I am a big fan of Café Ginseng, definitely try it if you are in Italy). Italians think of everything! You can buy it here.


Canali Suit
Sapphire Blue Suit



I suggest this gorgeous Kei Overcoat. Featuring a light blue check pattern which will pick up on the sapphire blue colour of the suit to create a co-ordinated dapper look worthy of gracing GQ! The overcoat is a luxurious blend of wool and cashmere and you can buy it here

Canali Overcoat
Kei Check Over Coat


I recommend a pair of double Monk Straps. These shoes very versatile. While they will look good for the office they are also a great option with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. Versatility is key when choosing footwear in my opinion and I love having versatile options in my wardrobe. You can shop the shoes here.

Canali Double Monk Straps
Double Monkstraps

For a more casual look I suggest wearing a Blazer, Shirt and Jeans. Even though Canali are associated with Suits and formal wear they do in fact carry a sizeable casual selection too.


Take sartorial inspiration from Conor McGregor with this Blazer featuring a luxurious blend of wool, silk and linen is embellished with a contemporary check motif that adds a dynamic touch to the classic Blazer.  The elegant palette of blues are perfect for Spring Summer ensembles, creating a fresh and bold look that will surely stand out from any crowd. You can purchase this masterpiece here.

Canali Blazaer
Check Mate


Adding a pink shirt under the distinctive Blazer creates a fantastic contrast and brightens up the outfit. This pink cotton shirt features a sharp and elegant grid motif in pink, adding a layer of subtle dynamism to any ensemble. While it is a dress shirt it can be worn open collar for the casual look. You can buy the shirt here.

Canali Pink Shirt
A touch of Pink


I wanted to suggest something adventurous like white however not every guy will be comfortable with such a bold colour. Navy Jeans are a wardrobe staple every man should own and work really well everything! These Canali Jeans are perfect for this casual outfit providing a sharp contrast to the lighter colours of the Blazer and Printed Shirt. They should be the focal point of your outfit. White would work very well with this outfit too. You can buy the Jeans here.

Canali Jeans


Completing the look are these White Trainers. I love the contrast brown midsole with the Canali logo. You can buy the Trainers here.

Canali Trainers
Contrast Trainers



Italian craftsmanship, technology and style come together in a Limited Edition pair of PRYMA for Canali hand-made headphones. Featuring Sonus Faber audio quality combined with a sleek design. These headphones are essential for any fashion conscious music loving men. The shells are made from a lightweight aluminium and feature ultra-soft cushions to ensure an impeccably snug fit while state-of-the-art technology creates a truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind listening experience. These headphones can also be used for making calls making these stylish and practical adding the perfect finishing touch to any Canali ensemble. You can buy these lovely headphones here.

Canali Head Phones
Sleek and Stylish Headphones

Shop all these pieces plus many more on the Canali Website. Please note this is a sponsored post and I received fee for my services.

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I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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