The Christmas Jumper trend shows no signs of slowing down, in fact its accelerating and now theres even a Christmas Jumper Day on December 16. Getting this trendy piece of party wear right takes on new significance considering just how popular it is. It is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME of the year and choosing a Christmas Jumper can be a difficult decision. However I, Fashionable Frank, has some advice on this issue which should help you. There is even a quiz in this blog post to tell you what Christmas Jumper you are. I know, I’m too kind. Sooooooo you have decided to buy into the Christmas Jumper Trend – here is my advice;

  • Choose a jumper with a witty world renowned slogan or design
  • Choose a bright eye catching colour – red is usually best
  • Dress it up! Wear it with a shirt. Treat it like a normal jumper

Discover what Christmas Jumper you are with a festive fun filled quiz.


You can view the witty and fun filled boohoo MAN Christmas Jumper Collection here!

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine!

Mistletoe and Wine and a Christmas Jumper. A potentially profitable situation for those guys on the prowl this festive season. Choosing the right Christmas Jumper can certainly help your chances with potential targets. A witty slogan emblazoned across your Christmas Jumper can be a conversation starter….for this we turn to boohoo MAN who have an abundance of these types of jumpers!

boohoo MAN Christmas Jumper

Fashionable Frank turned to boohoo MAN to fulfil his Christmas Jumper requirements this season. I was looking for a funny, eye catching and relevant Christmas Jumper. The one I received ticks all of those boxes and more I love the “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle” line! I am a wizard folks!

Merry Christmas!

Still decorating
Make it a boohoo MAN Christmas


This Jumper looks great! I love it!

Posing and Decorating!
Posing and Decorating! Behold, a Male Multitasker!

The jumper facilitates movement. I can reach the top of the tree……and for the cocktails!

Delighted with my Christmas Tree

FINALLY Finished Trimming the Christmas Tree!

Santa Claus

You’ve heard of Father Christmas now meet Father Frank! Give the gift of fashion this Christmas, give the gift of Fashionable Frank. I’ve got a list and I’m checking it twice so be naughty not nice.

Wondering what Christmas Jumper you are? Then play this festive fun filled quiz to discover which Jumper you should buy then click the following link to find out! http://fashionablefrank.com/what-christmas-jumper-are-you/

You can view the witty and fun filled boohoo MAN Christmas Jumper Collection here!

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I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Special! I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!



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