Hey Guys and girls, I have a skin care treat for you today. I have teamed up with Beauty Belle to review Award Winning British Brand Barber Pro. They are unique because they have produced the world’s first sheet mask range designed specifically for men. It is an honour to review such innovative products!

***I was sent these products by Michael from Beauty Belle to review them. Thank you Michael. The following review is my opinion on Barber Pro.***


Before embarking on the grooming process I always read the introductions (not really). The Barber Pro instructions are easy to understand BUT more importantly there is a sequence to be followed to maximise the “beautifying” power of these products. Starting off I used the;


Barber Pro Foaming Cleansing Mask
Foaming Cleansing Mask
Barber Pro Cleansing Mask
This is NOT a stick up!

The Barber Pro Foaming Cleansing Mask is a real treat for the skin. My face felt amazing after it. I describe it as a deep cleansing sensation which left my skin soft and subtle after use. Using this for a sustained period of time would certainly help the skin! It is a self-foaming sheet mask which bubbles to create a micro massage on the skin that cleanses the skin of impurities, works deep into the pores and cleanses away blackheads. In my opinion The Foaming Cleansing Mask is not badly priced at £4.95/€5.50. You can buy it from


Barber Pro Face Putty
Love the packaging!
Barber Pro Face Putty
Check out the video to discover why I am wearing a different t-shirt

The Barber Pro Face Putty is something I had never tried until this review. I like to look after my skin however my “beautifying” regime isn’t very intense. The Face Putty felt great! My skin felt rejuvenated after it and that was only one application (there are 3 applications in one package, great value!) so I can only imagine what kind of results sustained use would bring. The Barber Pro Face Putty contains a skin rejuvenating formula which loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities while clarifying and purifying the skin and rebalancing oily areas. The Barber Pro Face Putty represents good value for me since there is 3 sachets in one pack for £4.95/€5.50. Click the link to buy from


Barber Pro Under Eye Mask
The packaging is so cool!
Barber Pro Under Eye Mask
This stuff is great!

The Barber Pro Under Eye Mask is the final stage in the grooming process. Like the previous stages I enjoyed this treatment as well. It is great having products designed specifically for men! The Under Eye Mask helps to calm and sooth tired, puffy eyes while increasing elasticity and firmness with this intensive under eye treatment that will also nourish and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye shadow and dryness for a youthful appearance. There are 3 Barber Pro Under Eye Mask treatments in one pack for £4.95/€5.50 which is great value in my opinion. Click the link to buy from


Now we have established just how good The Barber Pro Products are, when do we use them? Barber Pro suggests “As well as long term anti-ageing benefits and improvement to your skin, our range of luxury masks are also perfect before a night out, special occasion or for pure indulgent luxury and relaxation.”


These products are Fashionable Frank approved so go forth and indulge guys! They are a real treat for the skin. Men are becoming more aware of the benefits of a good skin care regime. Barber Pro are an award winning brand so they must good! The price points are reasonable so definitely give them a try. I think you will love them! Ladies, treat the man in your life? Fathers Day is not far away.

Thanks for reading this post or watching the YouTube video……or both.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,

Until Next Time,


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