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Hi everybody. Today’s post is about incorporating Smart Shirts into your Casual Outfits creating some incredible GO-TO Smart Casual looks that will keep you warm and stylish. A win – win! I have teamed up with renowned Savile Row Tailors, The Savile Row Company to show you how to dress Smart Casual. Reading Time 5 minutes.

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Please note I was gifted these items in exchange for a written blog post however my opinion on these shirts is not influenced by the manner I received them.


I first discovered the term Savile Row through another iconic name in Mens Fashions, James Bond. The mere mention of 007 conveys images of bespoke Suits, carefully curated casual styles, beautiful women, exotic locations and fast cars. I dream of the latter three, like you, however the Savile Row Company can help us to dress almost as well the Super Spy! Savile Row is located in the ultra stylish and affluent Mayfair in the heart of one of the worlds fashion capitals, London. Check out the flagship store in number 40 on Savile Row for some amazing sartorial pieces! Tell them Fashionable Frank sent you.


The Savile Row company were founded in 1938 so they have a long and distinguished history in Mens Fashion. They were also one of the first companies to launch a website in 2001 and now ship to over 80 countries worldwide! 


I was asked to pick two shirts from the Savile Row Premium Shirt collection and I chose a red check shirt and a light blue pinstripe shirt. The theme for this post is to incorporate these smarter shirts into more Smart Casual outfits. The shirts are 100% cotton and are really great quality. There are some really cool features online for example monogramming and changing the trend of your buttons. You can also choose a custom sleeve length too and this is a really useful feature to have.

How To Dress Smart Casual Savile Row Shirts


I styled both shirts with a light grey Chesterfield Coat from Burton Menswear. Every man needs a 3 quarter length coat like this in their wardrobe! It is so versatile and works really well with almost every colour. The red navy check Savile Row Shirt looks great with the lighter grey Chesterfield Coat. Styling these with navy jeans provides a nice contrast with the lighter colours up top. I added brown shoes and a belt to complete this Stylish Smart Casual look. The light blue pinstripe Savile Row Shirt presents a more muted look and appeals to guys who want to look good but think the red check is a bit too adventurous for them. Accessories enhance every outfit but choosing the right ones can be tricky. Navy and brown are a great combination so look for brown accessories when you are styling anything with navy. A brown watch, belt and shoes really enhances this outfit. Adding a tartan scarf reinforces the smart casual appeal of the outfit.

How To Dress Smart Casual

How To Dress Smart Casual



How To Dress Smart Casual


I love this outfit! Every man needs a Navy Blazer in their wardrobe regardless of its texture e.g. knitted. A Navy Blazer is really versatile piece which will provide you with countless outfit options. The Red Navy Check Savile Row Shirt provides a great contrast with the Navy Blazer and highlights the striking colours of the Red Check Shirt. Styling these pieces with the navy jeans and brown shoes finishes the outfit. It is a relatively easy outfit to construct, pay attention to your colour flow as well though. Highlighting the versatility of both the Blazer and these shirts. The Light Blue Pinstripe Savile Row Shirt conveys a more laid back vibe and will be appealing to all guys particularly those who love to look good but not necessarily stand out.

How To Dress Smart Casual

How To Dress Smart Casual


A Tan Blazer is a piece that can transform any mans wardrobe. Again it is an essential piece because of its versatility. Showcasing this versatility I have styled the Blazer with the Light Blue Savile Row Shirt and the results were pretty stunning! This outfit looks great. It is a Smart Casual Outfit you can wear almost anywhere for example a first date, going out for some drinks, going to dinner or just going shopping. This look is effortlessly stylish!

How To Dress Smart Casual


The ultimate Lightweight Jacket, The Harrington Jacket was made famous by style icon Steve McQueen. They are not as popular as previous seasons but a Harrington Jacket has timeless appeal! I chose to style the jacket with the Red Navy Check Savile Row Shirt for a more high fashion Smart Casual look. The muted tone of the Tan Jacket combines well with the bright colours of the Shirt. Navy jeans and brown shoes keep the focal point of the outfit at the top of it where it should be.

How To Dress Smart Casual

How To Dress Smart Casual



I wanted to focus on using these shirts for more smart casual inspired outfits but I couldn’t resist showcasing the Red Navy Check Shirt with Blue Suit. This is a really stylish dapper ensemble! White, pink and light blue shirts are often used when choosing colours for a blue suit and they look great! BUT BUT BUT I loved using the Red Check with the Blue Suit. It adds a really funky and high fashion appearance to the Suit and illustrates not only the versatility of a Blue Suit (every man needs one) but of this Red Check Shirt. I styled the shirt with a navy knitted tie and white pocket square with a red lining from the Styling Irish. Check out the blog post here.

How To Dress Smart Casual

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has provided you with some ideas on how to incorporate your Smart shirts into Casual outfits. Check out the Savile Row website and explore the entire collection. There is an abundance of suits, shirts, accessories for example bow ties, silk ties, cufflinks, lapel pins, umbrellas, scarves and pocket squares and shoes to choose from.

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