Are you going on holiday soon? Looking for some sizzling Summer Style suggestions? Look No Further! 


The days of wearing sports shorts and a vest on holiday are long gone. The style sizzles as hot as the sand, guys SO you need to dress well. With this in mind. I have compiled 4 sun kissed outfits. SUMMMER SHIRTS can be difficult to wear. However, the outfits I have lined up for you will take the guess work out of wearing the Summer’s Hottest Trend! (pun intended!)

These outfits are dynamic and will look good (and comfortable) whether you are exploring during the day or you are enjoying a nice meal and some drinks in the evening along with a stroll around afterwards. Maybe that sounds boring and you are going out to tear up the strip and get absolutely hammered!!! Either way you will look good in these outfits.


This collection is perfect for SUMMER NIGHTS on holiday. These outfits are built on a good pair of shorts and loafers. I have styled the outfits with a light grey to reflect the sun and tan tassel slip on loafers. This colour flow will allow you to be as creative or conservative as you like with your choice of shirts then.

Summer Shirts and Shorts style
River Island Shorts and Burton Menswear Loafers


I love this navy floral print shirt from Burton Menswear. It is the perfect Summer Shirt. It comes with contrast buttons which are  an obsession of mine too. They add interest to your shirt. The contrast in tones looks great here in my opinion. In fact, I only packed this shirt last min thinking it was the most unsuitable for this shoot. Maybe I am in the wrong vocation?! A navy Oxford shirt would look really good as an alternative as well. Navy and grey is an iconic combination of colour. Team with the grey shorts and tan loafers and you have a very stylish outfit! Add a blue or grey blazer if it gets chilly.

Burton Summer Shirt
Burton Menswear Floral Print Shirt
Tan Slip On Loafers
Tan Slip On Loafers are essential for Summer!
Burton Menswear Shirt
Slick Summer Summer! Shorts are from River Island


Keeping with the contrasting theme I have selected (from my vast wardrobe) a black floral print shirt from River Island. Normally dark shirts do not immediately spring to mind when considering a Summer Shirt. However, they should be. I absolutely adore this shirt! It works well with so many outfits I am continually surprised by its versatility. That is a key point I want to stress with some “summer” shirts, they can be used in Autumn Winter too. So keep that in mind when you are buying shirts. Black and grey are part of the monochrome colour palette so they are always gonna look awesome together. Some shades and loafers and BOOOOOOOOOM! The pool, The Pub and The Club are yours!

River Island Summer Shirt and shorts
River Island Floral Shirt and Shorts
River Island Shirt
I love this shirt!
River Island Shirt and Shorts
Summer Time!


As much as I love to contrast colours to create outfits I do enjoy wearing same the tones. “Tonal” layering is just wearing the same colour in different shades and has been incredibly popular over the past couple of years especially in A/W. This is a great Summer Shirt which can transition easily into Autumn with its natural colour complementing most other colours. This is not a “Tonal” outfit strictly speaking it is close enough for you to use some of the tips from my post. Anyway, the shirt I’ve used for this outfit is the “home” shirt to the black floral print. This shirt is just as dynamic as its brother and has been included in many outfits. Pulling this look off can be tricky and in most cases requires a bit of a tan to bring the colour out.

River Island Summer Shirt
River Island Floral Shirt
River Island Print Shirt
River Island Shirt and Shorts
Waving to the fans (haters!)


The ultimate Summer Shirt! I picked up this palm print shirt in Primark for only €13! A style steal! Palm print shirts along with Cuban Collar shirts are particularly popular for Summer 2017. Check out my guide on What To Wear for Summer 2017 for a more in depth analysis of the trends. I think palm prints (along with floral) will hang around. Most “fad” fashion pieces are hanging around for 2/3 seasons. However, I do advocate raIding Primark and the sales for such pieces. Unlike Looks 1-3, this shirt is pigeon holed as a Summer Shirt and isn’t as versatile as the others. I must say it does looks great with the grey shorts and tan loafers and is something that can go on holiday with you (and me) again next year! Add some wayfarers (mine are from sunglasses warehouse) and you are good to go!

Primark Man Summer Shirt
Primark Man Floral Print Shirt
Primak Man Summer Shirt
Oh yeah!
Primark Man Summer Shirt
My Summer House, you like it?

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