The art of sale shopping!

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How have you all been getting on? Good I hope. Today’s blog post concerns sale products. The often forgotten items which were once best selling products. Sale shopping is sometimes derided for being, well…… We want premium products whether its phones or fashion. The latest and the greatest. The brand names. In most cases brand names are going to hit your wallet……hard! If your like me and your still waiting for a lottery win then you have to savvy with your money, no?? This is where the art of sale shopping comes in!

I’ve never been one for advocating sale shopping. However in the last few years as I delved deeper in to the fashion world and began to experiment more with my fashion I realised it can be a very expensive hobby. Menswear fashion has exploded in recent years. There are so many menswear shops vying for our hard earned cash, promoting different trends its sometimes difficult to know where to begin. This is where the art of sale shopping comes in!

I experiment much more with my fashion now and its being a savvy sale shopper that has enabled me to do so. Menswear trends like roll necks, cropped trousers, monk shoes, bomber, Mac and Harrington jackets etc don’t come cheap. Unless the aforementioned pieces or indeed any other trends you are interested in don’t appeal to you from the beginning it can be very difficult to justify purchasing them just because they are on trend and you love fashion! This is where the are of sale shopping comes in!

I believe in at least approaching new trends in Menswear fashion with an open mind. I’m lucky from the point of view most fashion suits me. This part is very much trial and error. You have to be prepared to do the hard work of……..going shopping and trying things on. I assume most of the guys or girls reading this post will be fashion conscious in their own right and therefore enjoy shopping anyway. However, its well known some men don’t quite get the same joyous experience as more fashion conscious males. Regardless of being a fashionista or some body who wants to look good but doesn’t want to spend an entire day shopping the same advice applies – try on the latest the trends because you may be pleasently surprised on these items look on you!

There’s an element of chance for the clothing companies involved when it comes to new trends. If some products for example roll necks bomb then the company will have to reduce the price on them in order not to make a massive loss on them. This is where being a savvy sale shopper comes in. We all have our favourite menswear or indeed womenswear brand. My advice to you is to go to that brands website (assuming they have a website and deliver to your country that is.) and go to the sale section only, filter by your size and prepare to be amazed! Other tips include setting up a separate email address exclusively for fashion emails. Sign up to all relevant brands emails (in some cases you will get money off just for signing up) this way you will be informed of the latest trends but also student discounts, (if applicable) money off promotions and of course sales.

Hopefully this advice helps you. Below is a catalogue of the sale items which completely transformed my wardrobe!


Mango Man blazer was €70 I got it for €35 on sale.


Burton wool blend blazer was €95 I got it for €26!


Mango Man blazer was €70 I got it for €35 on sale!


Burton Harrington jacket was €68 I got it for €30 on sale! The suede desert boots also from Burton were acquired on sale too but I can’t remember the price.


Mango Man blazer was €70 I got it for €35 on sale! The trainers were acquired on sale from Burton as well.


Mango Man blazer in Rome!


Burton Mac jacket was €70 I got it for €30 on sale!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’ve been fashionable frank and you’ve been fantastic! Stay stylish folks!

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