Hi Everyone, how are you all doing? Good I hope! I have a futuristic treat for you today. As you know I love fashion and I’m intrigued by technology so when these two combine I can’t cope, I’m in complete NERD mode! I received an intriguing email recently about V-Commerce and Digital Retail. Immediately, I reminisced about the days before the explosion of online shopping (yes I’m that young). While there can be no doubting the emergence of online shopping has enhanced our lives with more choice than ever before I am creature of habit who loves to go shopping….offline. Yes, that means getting off my (pert) derrière and looking for in my case, fashion pieces. So why was I reminiscing about the “good old days“? Before explaining that let me introduce you to what sparked the inspiration for this post.


Eventual are a Scottish company who were founded in the Summer of 2016 by Peter Dobson and Stephen Walsh. The company was formed because Stephen’s chain of cafés and comic book shops were limited by physical expansion. A new idea was needed to accommodate new customers. The result was pretty stunning. Geekzonia was born!


What the hell is Geekzonia and why is it relevant Frank? Geekzonia was created after 6 months of trial and error with voice testing, building different environments (they don’t build themselves) etc in March 2017. The creation of Geekzonia is akin to the creation of SKYNET (without the negative connotations). Geekzonia changes EVERYTHING! You may or may not have heard of Geekzonia so instead of explaining what it is, I have embedded a sneek peak video for you to watch. 

That is a sample of what Geekzonia is. This Virtual Reality platform is the first of its kind, creating a virtual Comic Con where players only need a headset to join in on the fun. Anyone from around the world can access this virtual platform and connect with their friends. Geekzonia is a free as well! How cool is that?


It is no surprise with the popularity Geekzonia other businesses in varying industries have approached Eventual and asked for their own Social VR environments. Social Virtual Reality is the future. Eventual create technology big brands can use for their virtual campaigns and platforms. In fact, Eventual are currently in talks with some high-end department stores about creating bespoke Social Virtual Reality experiences. The Eventual Social Virtual Reality platform features, Multi User Networking, User authentication and Integration with all major VR headsets. To find out more read about the Platform here.

The future of fashion
Virtual Reality Shopping


The future of fashion
Virtual Mannequins
The future of fashion
Retail Space in Virtual Reality
The future of fashion
Sales Assistants of the future
the future of fashion
The future of online shopping


Fashion is one of the industries most adaptable to the benefits of Virtual Reality. The explosion of online shopping has proven just how adaptable fashion brands have become. Think about it?

Imagine fashion shows of the future?  Catwalk shows or events like the Met Gala can be streamed live thanks to the Eventual virtual platform. Another read Virtual Reality can improve is online shopping. One of the disadvantages of shopping online is it can be a lottery. How does it look on me? Will it fit me? How long do I have for a refund? Virtual Reality can turn online shopping into an immersive experience where we can shop our favourite brands maybe even have our soundtrack to shopping too. We can virtually try on what we want to buy and see how it looks! No more wondering! Imagine the benefits of this?!

The VR market is expected to exceed $30 billion dollars by 2023. That is 5 years from now. Incredible! The iconic Topshop have taken the lead in this area holding a Virtual Reality fashion show and in the Summer of 2017 providing a VR waterslide in their flagship store on Oxford Circus.

I have always wanted to go to fashion shows like London Collections Mens, Pitti Uomo, Milan and New York Fashion weeks but I haven’t been able to (yet). Social media like Instastories or Snapchat allow us to view video from other people Social Virtual Reality means you can immerse yourself in the whole experience! That would be cool! I will still miss the “good old days” though.


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They also have a physical space

Gainstore, 1st floor studios, 60 Tradeston Street, Glasgow, G5 8BH

I hope you enjoyed this post guys and found it as fascinating as I did! The future is going to be incredible and Eventual are leading the way. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,


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