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Hello, my stylish friends! Today’s topic is about the gym and the benefits of having a coach. Having a fitness coach has helped me achieve one of my goals for 2020, getting visible abs! Have you ever wondered how the guys on magazines like GQ and Mens Health achieved chiselled abs and shredded bodies? How did they get into such good shape? It doesn’t happen by accident. I achieved my transformation in lockdown without regular access to a gym.

It turns out it is a lot easier than I thought. The problem is knowing how to do it! In most cases revealing your 6 pack is done through a creating calorie deficit, performing weight training, increasing daily movement to expend more calories and being really really patient. Consistency is key! That is a vague description of getting visible abs because achieving it is difficult which is why I wanted to share my story with you.

I have trained for years and got good results but lacked the amazing results I wanted! Hard work wasn’t a problem but the results I wanted….I expected didn’t come. Does this sound familiar?


Perhaps the missing piece to your puzzle is a fitness coach? Okay, coaching is not for everyone. Lets get that out there right now. I am sharing my positive experiences working with people in the fitness industry. Having an expert on your side who is focused on your development is crucial when attempting to transform your shape. I have really benefitted from having a fitness coach and achieved results I did not think were possible (2020 got off to a shitty start for me!). A fitness coach will provide clarity about what you need in terms of nutrition and training and how long the process will take…usually longer than we initially think!

A coach muscle from the side
A coach transformed Mmuscle from the back


This is a good question and the answer is a simple one.

A fitness coach, more than anything else, understands the difference between what a client wants and what that client needs. It is coaching every aspect of nutrition and training you can think of. This might sound intense and it can be a lot of information to process initially but gives you structure around nutrition and training. Essentially you are hiring a specialist who is focused on your development. This is the best thing about fitness coaching in my opinion. You have a knowledgable, experienced person you can ask anything about nutrition and training…just imagine that? Having an expert in your corner….it is a game changer!


Tell me your Macros? How much protein should you be consuming a day?Do you have “treat” food? Are carbs bad for you? WHOA! I know, it is information not everyone knows but it can be the difference between you achieving your goals or not.

Having a Fitness Coaching transformed my perception of food, the importance of nutrition and training. Having a Coach has helped me realise a lot of what I believed about training was in fact bullshit! It is incredible what we perceive to be the best way to achieve something. Nutrition is key! Ignoring this aspect of training is like pissing against the wind. You can work as hard as you want but if you don’t respect the importance of nutrition then the old adage will apply…”You can’t out train a bad diet“. Simply put, you will get some results but it is unlikely they will be amazing.


Nutrition can be complicated…it was for me and this is arguably the most important aspect of trying to transform your physique! Knowing what to eat can seem like rocket science at times but it isn’t. Tracking calories and macronutrients is important and you will reap the rewards of this structure. Having a coach helped simplify the process for me and it is a skill I have for life now!


What is perceived to be the most important part of achieving a transformation like gaining muscle or losing weight is by going to the gym or performing cardio. The nitty gritty of lifting Weights is of course very important but knowing how to lift is another reason why having a Fitness Coach is a good idea. Do you go to the gym without a plan? Hit the glory muscles while throwing in the odd leg day here and there? Do you log your lifts? This is crucial when tracking process initially and matters more on the days when motivation is low. FYI, this happens to everyone. Being able to look back over a logbook and see process is a great feeling and is positive reenforcement you are on the right track.


The benefits of physical exercise are well documented so I will put my own spin on it. Achieving a transformation like this does wonders for the confidence levels! Such a transformation is not easy but visualising success and achieving it makes the sacrifices even sweeter! You still have to do work. A fitness coach won’t do it for you. The benefit of having a coach is they will guide you in the right direction so your hard work won’t be in vain. This is important because if you spend 6 weeks doing the wrong thing it is demoralising and motivation levels are likely to drop. Do it right and you need to only do it once.

Fitness coaching is not for everyone. I have had a positive experience with it and I highly recommend it whether you are an experienced trainer or just starting your fitness journey. You will pick up the correct training technique and learn life skills.

That is all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to chase your goals and dreams whatever they may be. Remember, believe in yourself and you have the most important on your side, you!

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