Hey guys, welcome back! Today’s post is about the ultimate accessory for men, watches. A watch can be masculine and is functional – like most men. Except when asking for directions. Regular readers will know I love wearing accessories. However, not all guys are comfortable rocking bracelets, lapel pins and bowties. That is totally cool! I want to write something for just you, Three Watches Every Man Needs.

A watch does simply more than tell the time. Your choice of wrist wear can give a glimpse of your personality for example if you wear a G Shock watch perhaps you are sporty and like exploring or and in some cases you are rocking a Rolex and this reveals how deep your pockets are. This post isn’t about brand names though. This post is as basic as the bands wrapping the watch around your wrist. Its about colour. I love watches and I have built up a fine collection BUT one can argue a Man only needs 3 watches…in different colours of course.



Armani Dress Watch

If you are a fan of watches then you will have noticed the abundance of black watch options. I love to be bold, be different and buy usual watches BUT this post isn’t about my personal taste it is about you. Every Man needs a dress watch. Getting one in black will certainly represent value for money. Delving deep into my personal collection I have pulled out this black watch from Armani which was surprisingly affordable considering the brand name. I picked mine up from the Watch Station in Kildare Village. I love the gold detail on this watch. The crocodile skin style leather strap adds interest and character to the watch and was a major draw for me when buying this watch. It is a modern and stylish feature for the watch to have.

three watches every man needs armani watch


This Armani Watch is more of a dress watch therefore it should worn with smart casual outfits. It is a great addition to your work wear wardrobe too with the distinctive black and gold colour scheme contrasting nicely with lighter and darker greys, burgundy and black. Depending on your choice of outfit it will work well with smart casual looks also. Pay attention to your colour flow and you will be okay. Remember, contrast is key.

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3 watches every man needs armani watch


Skagen Bracelet Watch

A grey watch is something Every Man needs. Choosing a grey watch gives you a lot of options for your wardrobe and generally tend to work well with other colours including blue. Something a black watch doesn’t do well. Before you say brown/tan isn’t everyone combining those colours? I got this Skagen Watch from the Watch Shop and once again it was really affordable. When I saw this watch I fell in love with it. The contrasting blue face is a fantastic feature and will attract compliments! Its just so fresh and is perfect for injecting colour into your Autumn Winter wardrobe. Naturally, with such a vibrant colour scheme the watch screams Spring Summer. An all rounder!


The Skagen Watch bridges the gap between casual and smart. It is ideal for smart casual outfits however thought must be put into certain casual outfits. Wear it with a polo but not a printed tee. The watch is versatile enough to used as part of you work wear wardrobe working brilliantly with blues, blacks and darker tones like burgundy and green.

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Sleek Supply Watch

A brown watch is something Every Man needs especially with our tendency to wear blue. Brown watches are challenging the black strap for supremacy in the wrist wear wars! You need both though. Your choice of watch can be determined by your belt or shoes, or both. Have an idea of the colour you are trying to match before embarking on your shopping spree. This Sleek Supply watch from my personal collection features a large white dial with superb use of silver for the time hands. I love the design of this watch. It consistently attracts compliments! Therefore I suggest you go for a white dial too. It is really versatile and teams well with all outfits.


The Sleek Supply Watch looks good with casual and smart outfits. I style mine with a broad range of outfits from a light blue oxford shirts to blue suits in Summer to the gray, navy, burgundy and green inspired outfits of Autumn Winter.

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three watches every man needs

I hope you enjoyed the post and it provided you with some ideas for improving your watch game. This is only a teaser of what watches are available out there so definitely take your time researching watches to find the perfect one or ones for you. As always if you have a question then hit me up. Come and say hello on Instagram and Twitter. Check out my you tube channel for more videos.

Thank you for reading, I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,

Until Next Time,





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