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Littlewood Ireland Blog Awards 2016

The morning after the night before! It was a great night. Although I was not on the finalist list for my chosen profession, the fashion category, I went along to experience the awards! Congratulations to all the winners. You are an inspiration! For those of us who did not make the finalists list in our categories! Please keep believing in yourself and your blog!

The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 

The beautiful harbour of Dun Laoghaire was the setting for a night full of fashion, style some drama and a lot of nerves! Asheville Media put on a great show so well done to Chris, Aoife and the team. It was so well put together the ticket fee covered everything! Free drinks, food and a treat. The Prosecco was delicious! Even the wrist bands looked great! There was some fashion on show too. V by VERY were there in force with a section dedicated to fashion. Naturally, I had to have a look. There was some great Mens Fashion on display. The pieces look impressive. They are certainly worth checking out. There was also the future. A Virtual Reality headset. These things are so cool! The team were really helpful and set me up for my VR experience. Tech and Fashion. I was drooling at this point! Not very Fashionable…..Frank The VR Fashion Show was great. It really was like being there. I nearly waved at people……yes I know….! The future of my blog…..behold FASHIONABLE FRANK VR….Excited yet?!



Duffy’s Circus

The choice of Duffy’s Circus was inspired. There were some fantastic acts. The Autobots Transformers (YES you read that correctly) in the form of Bumblebee was there. Iron Man and Spiderman were keeping watch just in case the Decepticons or any other baddies showed up, thankfully they did not! There was a troupe from Mongolia who achieved incredible feats of balance and power in their acts. Also there was an Italian act on skates. What they did has to be seen to be believed! I was mesmerised! So mesmerised in fact I went old school. I took no photo or video. They have to be seen to be believed! Both acts were sensational! They had everything. My words can not convey how much I enjoyed them. If they wrote blogs I think they would every award they entered!

As you may have noticed I am a Mens Fashion Blogger (shock?! horror?!) so I had to make an effort with ensemble. Something dapper. Something dashing. Dashingly Dapper! Sometimes its as easy and black and white guys and girls as we shall see….


  • Blazer by Burton Menswear
  • Waistcoat by Forever 21 Men
  • Shirt by Burton Menswear
  • White Jeans by River Island
  • Shoes by River Island
  • Scarf by River Island
  • Bowtie and Pocket Square by River Island
  • Lapel Pin by River Island
  • Watch by Diesel


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Thats all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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