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Discovering Dorset with Berghaus

Hi everybody, welcome! Today’s post is all about adventure and activity breaks. Something I love doing! I went on an adventure break to the gorgeous Dorset on the South Coast of the United Kingdom recently. This break gave me the perfect opportunity to try out some new Berghaus kit I received. I was eager to try these products out in a challenging environment and discover if they are as good as they look! These type of holidays require the right equipment like base layers, waterproof jackets, insulated fleeces and walking boots to thoroughly enjoy them.

*Please note these products were given to me in exchange for a written review on them. My opinion on the products is not influenced by the manner I received them*


Discovering Dorset

Discovering Dorset

My knowledge of Dorset was limited so I visited the area with an open mind. My initial thoughts were it is a lovely part of the UK to visit and is particularly good for families with babies and dog owners with both being well accommodated. I visited some beautiful seaside towns dotted along the coast including Lyme Regis, West Bay, Lulworth and Sidmouth in Devon. Dorset is famous for being home to the World Unesco Heritage Site The Jurassic CoastDurdle Door and is the filming location for hit ITV TV series Broadchurch. The area is renowned for adventure and activity breaks boasting a host of walking trails. The rugged terrain of Dorset means it is a great location for cycling and mountain biking as well. If you love water sports Dorset is a place you should consider visiting. The stunning Jurassic Coastline with its distinctive sandy coloured cliffs provides a remarkable backdrop for action packed activities like fast boats, kayaking, abseiling and coast steering. I have offered a very brief overview of the delights Dorset has to offer so I recommend reading the official visit Dorset website as it is packed with everything you need to plan a great holiday in this idyllic part of the UK.


In 1966 outdoor wear as we know it did not exist, then Berghaus came along. Climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from North East England were frustrated by a lack of decent outdoor gear and inspiration struck, they decided to import and sell their own. They founded a specialist outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and called it LD Mountain Centre. This store quickly gained a reputation for selling the very best in high performance outdoor products. LD Mountain Centre was so successful Lockey and Davison began to design, test and make their own outdoor products for sale in the store. This high-quality, innovative clothing range was inspired by what climbers actually wanted and needed and was called Berghaus, so began the Berghaus brand. This is a brief synopsis of the extraordinary history of Berghaus. Read the rest of fascinating story here.


The Berghaus Fellmaster Jacket is ideal for hill walking at any time of the year and comes in 5 colours. I chose a striking red and blue colour scheme. The jacket fitted quite well I thought offering comfort and warmth while not looking too oversized. I like to look good even if its in the middle of a rain shower. The hood features the Berghaus Logo at the back of it, nice touch! I am such a geek with little things like this. Speaking of rain, the jacket is of course rain proof. This Berghaus beauty features GORE-TEX®, which kept me protected from wind chills (I took a particularly bad battering on the Jurrasic Coast while trying to shoot pictures for this post.) and I didn’t feel the cold at all. My unprotected face did. The Jacket is breathable which is important considering the amount of activity I was doing.

Discovering Dorset

Berghaus Fellmaster Jacket on rocks


This jacket is simply superb! I got a lot of compliments about how great it looked on me and about the quality construction of it. Both of which I completely agree with. It keeps the rain and wind at bay, looks great and fits well. Its got to be a 10/10 from me! You can buy the Fellmaster Jacket here and there are 5 colours to choose from.


The Berghaus Stainton half zip is a really warm, durable fleece featuring a classic half zip style with a woven almost textured exterior material (less chance of bobbling like traditional fleece material). It fits as well as it looks! I have rarely felt this snug in something. It features a zipped chest pocket and stretch bound cuffs for a more comfortable tailored fit. I layered it under the Fellmaster Jacket for added warmth and of course to look good! It worked. This fleece is great quality and is so warm. You can look good and be comfortable at the same time! It is not often I can say that with my fashion first policy.

Discovering Dorset


I loved this half zip. It is so versatile I recommend investing in one. It kept me warm and stylish while I was discovering Dorset so its a 10/10 for me. You can buy the Berghaus Stainton Half Zip Fleece here and there are 3 colours to choose from.

Discovering Dorset


The Berghaus Base Layer was the star of the show for me. I picked a grey one with a contrasting red panels under the arms. It kept me cool, dry and comfortable. Investing in one will do the same for you whether you’re scrambling for the summit, or striding out on a sun-baked coastal trail. Its an ideal base for layering up when facing challenging activities in punishing weather (photos on the Jurassic Coast?!) or wearing it on its own for warmer days. This Berghaus base layer features ARGENTIUM which makes quick work of wicking away sweat while the Polygiene technology fights off odours therefore this technical tee earns its place on any adventure.

Discovering Dorset


A good base layer is essential for any outdoor activity as they are usually your first line of defence and the main point of contact with your skin. You can’t get this wrong because it will impact on all the the other layers you put on hence you could be too hot or too cold. Neither are desirable when facing the mighty Mother Nature! I give this a solid 9/10. You can buy the Berghaus Base Layer Tech Tee here and there are 4 colours to choose from.

Discovering Dorset


I really enjoyed my adventure break in Dorset, there was plenty of walking in challenging terrain. The weather was damp, wet and windy so I was very happy to have my Berghaus Kit to help keep me dry, warm and of course stylish. If you like adventure breaks I highly recommend Dorset as a destination as there is tons of trails and beaches to walk along with some truly stunning scenery. The highlight of my trip was seeing Durdle Door, it is absolutely stunning! I can not recommend Berghaus products highly enough. Check out the full collection on the Berghaus website here. Berghaus are so confident about the durability and quality construction of their kit they offer a life time guarantee on their products. You can read more about this guarantee here.

I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of Berghaus and Dorset? Send me a message on InstagramTwitter or Facebook. Check out my You Tube channel too. I would love to hear from you.

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Discovering Dorset