Hello and welcome to my collaborations page. So what is the point of this page? Well, this is a page dedicated to those who wish to work with Fashionable Frank. I can give you some background on who I am and why it is good idea to collaborate with me, sound good?

I began writing about fashion because I had such a passionate interest in it. You could say I have passion for fashion! My friends and family regularly complemented me on my dress sense and consistently asked my advice with their fashion and style needs. That is how Fashionable Frank started. The purpose of my blog is to help guys who are not comfortable with fashion and give them a practical resource they can use. It is to help guys to gain a greater understanding of how fashion can help them to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may. I think if you look good, you feel good!

As my alter ego Fashionable Frank I have carved out a niche in the blogging industry for myself. I am an experienced blogger and my desire and dedication has seen Fashionable Frank nominated or named in;

  • Shortlist Best Fashion Blog, 2016 Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards.
  • Shortlist Best Fashion Blog, 2017 V by Very Blog Awards
  • Finalist Best Vlog, 2017 V by Very Blog Awards
  • Top 50 UK Men’s Fashion and Style Blogs
  • Top 100 Men’s Fashion Blogs


I have collaborated with some renowned brands most notably British outdoor giants Berghaus for an adventure culture discovering Dorset with Berghaus post. I also collaborated with Cork’s premier shopping destination Opera Lane for a blog and video campaign for a Father’s Day Gift Guide. Other collaborations include a blog and video campaign with premium British retailers Savile Row. My collaborations are not just fashion orientated however as I have collaborated with the UK’s Number Grooming Box, Toppbox along with The Styling Irish. Both of these collaborations were accessories based and contained a traditional written blog post material with a video.



If you want to collaborate with Fashionable Frank and your brand is aligned with my core principles and ideals then send me message on any of my social media channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or send me an to

I look forward to hearing from you,


Discovering Dorset with Berghaus