Hi everybody, the Party Season, the season of sparkle and style is almost upon us and I have put together some dapper GO-TO Party Wear outfits for you along with a list of stylish scents that will last throughout the night! I have also collaborated with well known Barbers, Murdock London to bring you some tips on how to cope with festive hangovers. This time of year is associated with style, glamour, tons of photos and good times so a killer outfit is needed and I have some sizzling Party Wear options for you. (reading time 6 minutes)


The weapon of choice for the Party Season 2017 is the Velvet Blazer, it is everywhere this year. We are going to be going out and partying hard during the Party Season and I have 4 sharp outfits to guide you through The Season of Style!


what to wear for the party season

A statement Blazer will keep all eyes on you during the festive period. I got mine from Zara (already sold out!) for only €99.95! The quality of the Velvet Blazer is supreme and it looks a lot more expensive than it is. I love the black shawl collar and this helps when styling the Blazer. I chose to go with a Bow Tie as these are great for adding a suave Party Wear element to your outfit and are more eye catching than wearing a tie. Instead of wearing normal black shoes I went for patent (shiny) shoes keeping the focal point on the Blazer but they are a nice detail to have and illustrates how well put together your outfit is. Keep your shirt a classic white but I suggest you get a shirt with black buttons and detailing where possible to emphasis the black theme through out the outfit.

what to wear for the party season

What To Wear for the Party Season Red Blazer

what to wear for the party season



what to wear for the party season

what to wear for the party season

Another essential Party Wear piece is the Ivory White Blazer. I got this from River Island for the 2016 Party Season and it was the black detailing that sold me on it. Its little features like this which help to emphasis the Blazers elegant and expensive appearance even though it was only €107 – great value for a timeless piece like this. While the price is really good you are not sacrificing quality as this Blazer is well made with a bit of stretch running through it to wrap around the guns. The Blazer features a black shawl collar simplifying your styling choices (too much choice can be a bad thing) and once again our Bow Tie, patent shoes and Armani watch make an appearance. You will own the Party Season with this stylish ensemble!

what to wear for the party season

what to wear for the party season

what to wear for the party season

what to wear for the party season


Read my Three Watches Every Man Needs guide for some inspiration and style suggestions for your timepiece.



You can go for a more muted look for the Party Season rather than the eye catching and bold coloured blazers outfits. This one dark dapper ensemble featuring a double breasted blazer provides you with some Party Wear inspiration. Dark colours are great options for the Party Season, in fact they are more “traditional” colours for this time of year. A slick double breasted blazer is the style to go for to add some interest and character to your outfits. I bought this double breasted blazer on sale a few months so I have no link for it but the photos give you an idea on how to incorporate it into your Party Wear outfit for the season of style!

what to wear for the party season

what to wear for the party season


So we have put our outfits together, we are looking slick and ready to dazzle and own the party season. These Party Wear outfits will bring you the attention you desire so when you invite your target under the mistletoe to seal the deal you will need a sizzling scent! This can be a tricky one as you need a scent with strong sillage (the trail of scent you leave behind) and longevity (the cloud of scent around you as you stand still), think Paco Rabanne One Million here, its one of the best BUT almost every guy has it so we need something (relatively) unique.

My tips are;



Dior Sauvage image

This is becoming a common fragrance due to its amazing sillage and longevity but depending on your region you might get away it being considered unique. Women love this Sauvage! It is one my most complimented fragrances! Its woody and masculine scent combined with our suave outfits convey an air of confidence that will make your list suitors as long as Santas good list!


One of the very best and one of my favourites! If you are a fan of aquatic and aromatic scents then this one is for you. Acqua Di Gio Profumo is a masculine fragrance with a fresh spicy twist boasting great sillage and longevity which will complement our outfits and of course impress your choice of under the mistletoe company.




A sophisticated and contemporary fragrance with a woody, balsamic and citrusy scent is a treat for the nose! I absolutely love this fragrance! Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum boasts superb sillage and longevity ensuring you smell as good as you look throughout the night so your target is playing hard to get you play it cool!


I know you guys will be looking amazing and ready to party however one last detail is the hair! We all have our preferred hair styles or maybe you looking for a new one. I discovered these How To Style Videos while collaborating with Murdock Barbers and thought they might be useful for you. They have great quality products too! If you have a hair dilemma then these videos may help?!

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed the post and it has provided you with some useful tips ahead of the Party Season. Share your party season pics with me out on InstagramTwitter, YouTube and Facebook. I would love to see them!

Thanks for reading,

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,

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