Hey guys, I have teamed up with Cavani to showcase their Wedding Suits collection. Cavani also stock a large selection of Tweed Suits. Before I get into that let me set a familiar scene for you.

You have been invited to a Wedding but your old Suit doesn’t look as good as you thought it did. Or you just want a new Wedding Suit for the occasion?

You have come to the right place! Break away from the uniform of blue/navy Suits and brown shoes that are the standard dress code for Weddings and go for something more daring like the Connall Three Piece Tweed Suit from Cavani.

Cavani Connall Slim Fit Wedding Suit

(please note this is a sponsored post and I received this Cavani Suit in exchange for a written blog post review. My opinion of these products are not influenced by the manner in which I received them)


The House of Cavani is renowned for its quality Suits and they offer a huge selection of Wedding and Tweed Suits so there is something for every mans sartorial taste!


This is a Suit of impeccable quality! Its Italian slim fitting design, subtle check design and contrast brown collar will ensure you stand out from the sea of blue and navy when you stroll into the Wedding venue. The Connall Slim Fit Three-Piece Tweed Suit is a unique colour, brown. It is a daring colour to pull off but if you wear it with confidence (channel your inner Tommy Shelby) and the right accessories it will bring you a lot of compliments and maybe a few bridesmaids too. Who knows?!

Cavani Connall Slim Fit Wedding Suit


The purpose of this Suit is to be different, to be daring. It is an eye-catching Suit especially if you decide to wear it as a Wedding Suit. When wearing a Suit as eye-catching as the Connall Slim Fit Three-Piece Tweed Suit it is a good idea to keep your use of accessories muted. The Suit is the focal point of the outfit and the accessories you wear should compliment it not draw attention away from it. To give this Wedding Suit style a vintage look I decided to style it with a slim fit Penny Collar Shirt from River Island. Penny Collar Shirts are back on trend thanks to the influence of the Peaky Blinders. A classic white Shirt is the best colour to go for here as it will complement the accessories more.

Cavani Conall Slim Fit Wedding Suit

Cavani Brown Slim Fit Wedding Suit


I love wearing brown shoes however a quick look at the colour of the Suit will tell you brown isn’t the best option here as it is too close to the colour of the Suit. Going for a black shoe creates a contrast and looks much better with the Suit. I paired the Suit with a pair of double monk strap shoes from Burton Menswear. This style of shoe looks great with the Suit and more importantly it isn’t a Brogue. Brogues are really popular at the moment so if you want to make a statement go with something different like these shoes. I styled the Suit with a Burgundy Polka Dot Tie to give it some much-needed colour. Burgundy works really well with most other colours and is a popular option in particularly in Autumn Winter however it is such a versatile colour it does the trick in Spring Summer too.

Cavani Connall Slim Fit Wedding Suit


The Brown Connall Slim Fit Three-Piece Tweed Suit is a Wedding Suit option which has timeless appeal. It is just so different to what you normally see at Weddings these days. This Suit has a certain old world charm to it. Think Peaky Blinders! If you are a fan of the incredibly popular TV Show this Suit will help you to dress like a Shelby! I have something in the pipeline for that so keep your eyes peeled, guys.

Cavani Tweed Slim Fit Suit

Cavani Connall Slim Fit Wedding Suit


You can buy the Connall Slim Fit Three-Piece Tweed Suit from the Cavani website. Cavani boasts a huge selection of Suits, Shirts and Formal Accessories to cater for to all your Wedding needs. They even stock boys Suits! Cavani is not just for the Dapper dresser either with a growing smart casual range featuring Jeans, Shirts, Bomber Jackets and Overcoats.


Three Piece Slim Fit Tweed Suit from House of Cavani

Penney Collar Shirt (Topman Boohoo Man)

Sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse

Burgundy Polk Dot Tie (ASOS Topman)

Double Monk Strap Shoes (Topman)

That is all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed the post and it has given you plenty of inspiration for your Wedding Suit dilemmas. My advice is to go for something a bit different and daring like a Cavani Three Piece Tweed Suit! Check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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