Milano Cento Review

I was made in the 80’s. I feel fortunate and honoured to be entrusted with spreading the news another 80’s classic is back, MILANO CENTO! When I sniffed the scent for the first time I recognised it (I was a little young to buy fragrances then!) Okay, I hadn’t smelt it in years but a wave of nostalgia came flooding back as the zesty, sparkling notes of lemon, bergamot and green petitgrain filled my nostrils! Milano Cento and the 80’s in general are important from a Mens fashion and style perspective. The obsession with scents began in this period and has blossomed from there…

Milano Cento

Let me set the scene...It was 1989. The world was a different place then. The shoulder pads were as big as our hair. There was a wall in Berlin. We got our first taste of music on the go in the form of the iconic Sony Walkman. Music Television was incredibly popular. The Simpsons graced our TV’s for the first time. For some, reading that little recap will invoke memories of yesteryear, others may not relate to this time at all. Check out Deutschland 83 and The Same Sky for a flavour of what this era was like. Now where was I? Ah yes, Milano Cento!


Opening a bottle of Milano Cento Him EDT 50 ml brings a fresh fragrance inspired by the wonderfully diverse, aromatic of plants of Italy. It opens with zesty, sparkling notes of lemon, bergamot and green petitgrain. Herbaceous notes of lavender and rosemary combine with the intensity of basil and clary sage, followed by rich, sensual sandalwood and patchouli. Spicy clove, cinnamon, amber and warm musks live in the memory and in the heart.

I am a fragrance fanatic with a fine collection of over 42 active scents. Milano Cento fits in this collection nicely offering something different, something masculine. If I could describe the fragrance in one word then masculine would be it. The scent originated in the 1980’s but it does not smell like a “dated” fragrance – something I feared. The fragrance is strong so a few squirts is more than adequate. In fact, I blind tested the fragrance on a friend of mine. A true connoisseur of scents! He liked it a lot and was stunned to discover Milano Cento’s heritage.

Milano Cento


Accompanying almost every fragrance these days is a body wash and Milano Cento is no different. I love fragranced body washes. This opulent fragranced body wash lathers luxuriously leaving the body feeling moisturised and fresh. The striking characteristic of the body wash is how silky it looks. Unfortunately, my attempts at capturing a photo of silky the body wash looks and sharing it with you just wouldn’t work. You will understand my excitement when you see with your eyes.

This sophisticated men’s fragrance helps us to create new memories, but also to look to the past, encouraging us to “Keep the memory alive…”

I enjoyed writing this post about a blast from the past! I really liked the Milano Cento fragrance. It is different to what is available on the market at the moment so add it to your collection for some variety? Or surprise your dad, uncle’s, cousin’s, friends etc who were rocking it in the late 80’s and early 90’s with a bottle? I am sure they will remember it and reminisce about the good times. Check out the website for more information and where to buy.


I was gifted these products in exchange for a review. Not a favourable review BUT my honest opinion on the products. I recommend the Milano Cento fragrance and body wash as I like them and would buy them.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic.

Until Next Time,