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Hello everyone, welcome! You may notice my complexion has changed? I was on holiday soaking up the sun! I’m back with an exciting post about The Styling Irish and accessories! As you know I’m always recommending wearing accessories for smart and casual outfits. However, beginning your accessories collection can be a daunting experience! What accessories do I need? What do I like? Where do I buy them? How much are they? Chill….these questions will be answered at the end of the post.

For the moment sit back and relax, Fashionable Frank’s got this.


Todays subject is The Styling Irish Styling Kit. The Styling Irish are based in…? You guessed it, Ireland. In the Kingdom of Kerry to be more specific. Kerry is a beautiful place filled with plenty of stylish men, good looking women and scenic locations. You should definitely visit.



Upon opening the box we are greeted with the silhouette of a dapper dressed man invoking memories of Mad Men – a good start! The striking yellow tissue immediately caught my attention and when I removed the top layer it provided a great contrast to the darker accessories underneath. This box is generously filled with 7 pieces. Each item is chosen to give you plenty of options when accessorising your outfits.

The Styling Irish


I was thrilled to discover a wooden bow tie in the Styling Irish box as I have been looking for one of these for a while. I love bow ties in general and I have a fine collection. Using a bow tie with your outfits takes your stylish ensemble up a notch! Neck ties are very common and generally it has to be an amazing piece to capture peoples attention. A bow tie, however, in particular a wooden bow tie, immediately attracts attention….and compliments. Depending on your objectives it could be the conversation starter your looking for…

The Styling Irish


Continuing the wooden theme the Styling Irish box contains a wooden lapel pin in the same shade as the bow tie. Adding a lapel pin to your outfit adds a touch of sophistication and conveys your expert eye for style. I love lapel pins because each one is unique and its own story to tell!


Another lapel pin? YEEEEEESSSSSS! The Styling Irish are mind readers. A great looking lapel pin too. This Bowtie lapel pin is a striking red colour and will add a pop of colour to your sartorial looks. Colour is always good regardless of the season.

The Styling Irish


The Styling Irish continue the red theme with a classic white pocket square with red lining. Sometimes simple and classy is best! I have accessorised it with an Autumn Winter inspired outfit to give you an idea how versatile this style of pocket square can be. Pocket squares, like lapel pins are great for colour pops or points of interest within your outfit.


Shop for accessories during the sales. You can pick up some incredible bargains for pocket squares, ties, bow ties, lapel pins and cufflinks. – FASHIONABLE FRANK

The Styling Irish


The Styling Irish box includes a navy tie which is a classy piece every man needs. A knitted navy tie is a piece which can boost your office wardrobe for Autumn Winter when the colour palette turns darker. This tie features a cobalt blue tie pin for a contrast. I love it!


AHOY! Sorry, I couldn’t resit. Something casual is included in the Styling Irish box and it is another piece I recommend owning, an anchor bracelet. I love these kind of rope bracelets and this bracelet will certainly be used often. I’ve sudden urge to eat spinach!


Finishing off the Styling Irish box is a watermelon shaving soap. I have an old style safety razor with blades so I can’t wait to use this watermelon shaving soap for a close, clean shave and to structure my stubble. On a side note I absolutely love watermelon! It tastes amazing!


As the the iconic Morpheous from The Matrix meme goes “What If I Told You…” you could get accessories on a monthly basis? Crazy, right! What sort of wizardry is this? Subscription boxes have grown in poplularity over the past few years. The originators of this innovative idea, Sprezzabox are the kingpins of this industry. There are so many subscription services now it begs the question, which one should I sign up to? I loved the contents of a subscription box I received from The Stylish Irish and this will give you a flavour of what to expect from a subscription box.

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