Posing in a pink suit

Real Men wear pink? Or so the saying goes. Pink is a popular colour in Menswear at the moment with a vast array of clothing pieces available from t-shirts and hoodies to blazers and chinos. Adding a pop of this versatile colour into your wardrobe is a good idea, however, what if you want to go all out pink? I’ll show you 3 ways to wear a Pink Suit.


Rocking a 3 piece Pink Suit to a formal occasion will certainly attract attention. Careful consideration is required when styling a Suit like this. The Pink Suit is the statement piece so your shirt and accessories should support it, not take away from it. A classic white shirt is my recommendation along with a neutral tie. You can go with a navy tie, however, I suggest a floral tie and if its possible in a natural or cream colour – easier said than done. Navy or yellow will look good too though.

Walking down steps in a Pink Suit

Sliding down the stairs in a pink suit


My Suit is from River Island. I picked it up on sale for the price it is currently listed as on their website. My loafers are also from River Island while my shirt is pretty old now, however, any white shirt will look great with this dapper ensemble.


Historically Pink was considered a masculine colour while Pink is associated with health and youth.


I love wearing accessories as I am a firm believer they enhance your outfit. I’m wearing an Azuro Republic bracelet and a navy watch. Sunglasses are another accessory you can play with. My sunglasses are brown wayfarers from Primark for only €3!


Wearing a Pink Suit presents a dilemma with footwear. Navy will look good with the Suit especially if you are wearing a navy or blue tie. I am wearing “ice grey” slip-on loafers for a contrast. This colour reinforces the summer inspired look this outfit represents. Where possible show off some ankle as well to finish off this stylish ensemble!


When I invest in clothes I think about the versatility of them. I have a mental picture of my wardrobe and I know what I am trying to achieve when adding pieces to it. A Pink Suit is a pretty versatile piece to have and allows you more outfit combinations than meets the eye. Good news for your wallet. The most obvious way to get value for your money is to wear the Suit, often. Simply pair the Pink Suit with a white t-shirt and trainers for a slick smart casual look. Incorporating elements of street style and athleisure this look is going to be one which attracts a lot of attention – for the right reasons! Are you a single pringle? Ready to mingle? This outfit will make them tingle!

Pink Suit and white trainers

Pink Suit posing against a wall


Illustrating how versatile a Pink Suit can be is wearing it as high fashion outfit. I have styled the Suit with a Print Shirt for a Summer look worthy of Miami or Cuba. The outfit incorporates all the same pieces just adding a Print Shirt gives the whole outfit a completely different look.

Pink Suit and Print Shirt

Relaxing in a Pink Suit

Grey loafers and pink suit


When it comes to Suit shopping I try to buy 3 pieces where I can because I love wearing Waistcoats or Vests for my North American friends. Waistcoats were popular before David Beckham wore his contrast Suit to the Royal Wedding and before Gareth Southgate started a “craze” in the UK with dapper ensembles (future people reading this 2018 was a stylish year!). A Waistcoat is a simple piece of clothing but it gives you a lot of outfit options. You can wear the 3 piece, the Waistcoat and Trousers, the Waistcoat and Jacket with jeans/chinos and you can contrast the Waistcoat. As you can see that is a lot of options!

Fixing my tie in a pink waistcoat on a bench

Looking suave in a pink suit

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and it has provided you with some style inspiration. Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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