What to wear to the races linen blue suit

Adding accessories any outfit is a relatively simple process however it can become tricky when considering colour. Casual outfits are easier to accessorise simply because there are fewer colours to consider. Formal looks can be difficult to style with accessories. I love wearing accessories and I have been inspired to produce a guide and lookbook to help you find the accessories which will enhance your style. So fix yourself a drink, take a seat and enjoy the show! Wondering what to drink? My friends from Azuro Republic have curated an excellent guide on how a real man takes his drinks.


In Men’s Fashion terms, accessories really enhance your outfits. As the old saying goes fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Accessories give a glimpse of your styling pedigree. They are like the icing on the cake. Not always necessary but they look great! Accessories like watches, bracelets and sunglasses are simple additions to any outfit, smart or casual. Dressing for more formal occasions requires other accessories like ties, bowties, tie bars, tie clips along with pocket squares and of course shoes. I shall show you some of my favourite pieces in Men’s Style and explain why they will work.


One of the easiest and most stylish ways to introduce accessories to your outfits is Sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if you rocking a killer street style look or slick smart casual outfit adding Sunglasses is usually a good idea. I like wearing funky sunglasses like wooden sunglasses as I think they are more unique and outstanding than the regular Ray-Bans everyone wears. Be different! Just because its a well-known brand name doesn’t mean it looks good my friends.

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Summer Style Sitting on steps


I love wearing wrist accessories like bracelets and watches. Of course, sunglasses are an important detail, especially in Summer. When styling your outfit keep the colour flow in mind when adding accessories. I like to contrast the colours when adding accessories to my outfit for example red and navy or pink and white.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a red bracelet and it pops out in a good way with the tan bomber jacket and blue jeans. Remember, accessories are like polish (I use Mr Sheen) they are designed to enhance what is already there. They won’t fix a rubbish outfit but choosing the wrong accessories can kill a good look just as quick!

how to wear accessories


One of my favourite accessories is my white Azuro Republic. I think this bracelet compliments most outfits while the quality of the bracelet is superb! Check out the craftsmanship that goes into the making of an Azuro Republic bracelet.

Wearing a pink suit takes balls! Not every guy appreciates the power of pink. Pink is on trend at the moment so go try on some pieces in your local menswear store to see if the colour suits you. A white bracelet is something I have always wanted and I am delighted with how versatile it is. It really stands out particularly when I push up the sleeve on my shirt. I am wearing a watch with a silver band and a blue face which contrasts nicely with the rest of the outfit.

what to wear to the races


Accessorising casual outfits can be a bit boring and in many cases can seem like a thankless task. It might seem like too much effort especially if you are not into it. Introducing a pocket square to your casual outfits featuring blazers is a great way of bringing a pop of colour to them though. However, accessorising your formal outfits is an absolute must as they will enhance your outfit for sure!

how to wear accessories

how to wear to accessories

how to wear accessories

Choosing accessories which compliment your outfit certainly enhances the overall quality of it. I am wearing a pink suit with brown wayfarer sunglasses, a floral tie, a white bracelet and a watch. These accessories were carefully considered with each of them contributing to the overall appearance of the outfit. Men’s style is more about how you wear the pieces you buy which is why it is important to consider versatile accessories like a white bracelet or a silver band watch. Both of these tend to work well with Summer inspired looks like this one.

what to wear to the races

what to wear to the races

Pink accessories like the tie and pocket square I am modelling in the photos contrast nicely with blue giving the outfit a bright pop of colour. Accessories like the white bracelet compliment the look too. I like to add lapel pins when styling formal pieces like suits and blazers as I think they add a stylish touch. In this photo, I’m wearing grey loafers and a grey lapel pin which so you can try this next time.

What to wear to the races linen blue suit

crossing the street in style!

While accessorising the SH!T out of your suits for occasions like the ladies day at the races and weddings is something I recommend. However, for some formal outfits, less is certainly more. Enter the Tuxedo. I like wearing a shirt with black stud buttons when wearing a Tuxedo. A black bowtie, black watch and black patent shoes finish off the look. Keep it simple, classy and elegant.

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Hats are accessories that are underutilised by most men but completely transform an outfit. If you are going for a hat then consider the colours in your outfit, for example, a white hat and trousers like the outfit I’m wearing. It is a nice outfit, one of my greatest creations, however, I think the hat makes it. Without it its just another summer look!

Pitti Uomo Printed Shirt

how to wear accessories

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I’m a fan of the baker boy cap craze taking the world by storm! I have a small head (I know, shocking right!) so the one size fits all hats on the high street don’t fit me. Unfortunately! When I discovered this Baker Boy cap I had to have it and it didn’t come cheap. It was worth the money considering how versatile it is. Use one for accessorising your Autumn Winter looks.

how to wear accessories


No outfit would be complete without the right footwear. Unfortunately given the vast amount of footwear available it is almost impossible to offer advice and insight for all outfits. My top tip is to contrast the colour of your footwear to the trousers/chinos/jeans/shorts you are wearing for a more obvious style statement. While there is nothing wrong with navy on navy or black and black it can be a little boring for me.

how to wear accessories

how to wear accessories

how to wear accessories

Now you have mastered how to wear accessories it is time to read some tips on how to carry yourself. There is some great advice on body language, articulation and positivity!

I hope this post has given you some helpful tips about how to introduce accessories to your outfits. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

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