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Met Gala Style Steals

First things first, what the hell is the Met Gala and why is it important to you and I?

The Met Gala or Met Ball as it is also known as, is an annual fundraising Gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The fact The Met Gala is held in New York City, one of the Fashion Capitals of the World makes it a stylish event. Described as the Oscars of Fashion, invitations to such a prestigious event are extremely difficult to come by. The Met Gala event celebrates a new theme each year. The event marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. The exhibition sets the tone for the formal dress of the night. Guests are expected to choose their fashion to match the theme of the exhibit. No pressure then!

As you can imagine a lot of celebrities from actors, musicians to sports players and professional party goers sorry, socialites, attend The Met Gala and therefore it is relevant to us. Fashion designers and some high street chains scramble around trying secure celebrities to showcase their finest pieces. Celebrity fashion is big business. The explosion of Instagram and Twitter means fashion is on demand now whenever we want. Celebrities drive this demand. The Met Gala is a big deal in the fashion world! The Met Gala gives us some insight into the sartorial choices of male celebrities. This is always exciting for me, I simply love fashion and discovering new outfits and colour flows. It is fascinating stuff. I shall reveal the best dressed guys on the night along with adding my choice of outfit should I ever get invited to the event!


Sit back and enjoy the dapper delights about to follow. This is always exciting for me, I simply love fashion and discovering new outfits and colour flows. It is fascinating stuff. I shall reveal the best dressed guys on the night along with adding my choice of outfit should I ever get invited to the event! This is why fashion is great!


Without a doubt my favourite outfit of the night belonged to Brandon Thomas Lee. The name might not mean anything to you? He is the offspring of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson – good genes then. This Dolce & Gabbana gold tux takes tremendous balls to pull off yet Lee is super cool posing in this photo. Everything about this tux is wicked for me even down to Lee’s choice of a pencil moustache and slicked back hair, Clark Gable anyone?! I shall be shopping Noose and Monkey for mine!


Another fashionista who stole the show in a bold outfit was Remi Malek in this Dior Homme tux. Once again the striking colour is not something every man would think of wearing however the execution is perfect! A splash of black to break up the red helps. Social Media has exploded in appreciation for this outfit, it is incredible!


After two extremely bold, fashion forward outfits its time to go back to basics. A black tux will never go out of style. Man of the moment, The Weekend fresh from his collaboration with Swedish powerhouse H&M looks great in the aforementioned classy black tux. Adding some details like a lapel pin flower and a peace sign always helps. P E A C E!


No signs of deflate gate for Tom Brady’s formal attire. Donning a Tom Ford designed outfit to complement his stunning partners gorgeous frock – some men have it all! I love the grey velvet style blazer Tom Brady is wearing.











Nick Jonas can do no wrong at the moment and his golden touch stretches to sartorial choices. I love this Ralph Lauren Blazer. The outrageous print is really eye catching however keeping the monochrome colour palette really helps this Blazer to be the focal point of the outfit. Superb style!


Joe Jonas looks great in this H&M tux. Burgundy and Black are colours which work really well together. Jonas’ dark features complement the look. Great style here! I wonder how much is that tux?! I want one!


Print Blazers are really popular at the moment. I love this Burberry Blazer worn by Donald Glover. The floral like print on the Blazer suggests the floral print is here to stay for another while.











Everyone favourite superhero, Ryan Reynolds would look great in a bin bag! Another great outfit from Deadpool with a strikingly brilliant bowtie which even picks up some of the colour on Blake Lively’s dress. This man can do no wrong! Dark navy looks great on most men and is a great alternative to black.


If I were to get an invite I have a couple outfits lined up, check these out!


I picked up this amazing River Island white tux jacket at Christmas time. I love the black shawl collar and the black on the pockets. It helps to break up the white and looks great when combined with black! Check out the original post on this outfit, What To Wear On New Years Eve.


This navy tux from Burton Menswear is superb quality, I love it! It is a skinny fit Jacket and Waistcoat so it looks great on. Once again black is a great colour to pair with it.

That is all for now folks, I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!