Fashionable Frank and The Blush Works

I am forever grateful to Naima Zahin for giving me my big break and publishing my material! I am relatively new to the world for Menswear Blogging however this did not deter Naima from taking a chance on me! Thanks Naima and The Blush Works Team!

The Blush Works 

I’ll introduce myself here, my name is Naima Zahin and I’m a freelance Makeup Artist and blogger currently based in Dubai. I love traveling, shopping, writing and have a passion for fashion. (Check me out on Instagram: naimazahin)

I came up with the idea of  The Blush Works a few months ago, being a freelance makeup artist and a blogger, I felt that there aren’t many platforms for us to really get our names out there. So I thought “Lets change that.” So here’s introducing The Blush Works!

This magazine is for everyone, not just a certain group of people. Our aim is to promote makeup artists, fashion and beauty bloggers and young entrepreneurs. We will bring you beauty tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts of the beauty and fashion world and so much more! So stay tuned.

Read on and enjoy!

Naima Z (Editor, The Blush Works)

I have had some of my work published by The Blush Works and it is available at the following links;

The Blush Works Interview

Read my exclusive interview with The Blush Works and discover Who Fashionable Frank Really is!

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