How To Dress Smart Casual

So you have been invited to a Christening? Its great to be a part of such a joyous occasion. Maybe its your best friends kid, your niece or nephew or your own bundle of joy! Congratulations from me to you! Now you are wondering what will I wear to this Christening??? Don’t worry anymore I’ve got your back. I have some outfits lined up for you so whether you are the main man or you going as a guest all bases will be covered in this post.


We will start off with the main man, the Dad. My advice is to dress to impress in a Suit! While all eyes will be on the little person being Christened make sure you tick all the boxes as the doting Dad. The stylish doting Dad.


Almost every man has a Navy Suit and there is a good reason why, they are so versatile and suit almost every guy. In this case you want to go for a little refresh. Abandon the white shirt and go for a pattern. I’m wearing a mini check shirt with a navy knitted tie in this photo. Make sure you add a pocket square as well as these accessories really enhance your outfit and add interest to it. They also show you have given consideration to your style too. Blue and Brown work so well together so go for Brown shoes, belts and watches where possible. There is always time for some sunglasses too! The Navy Suit is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe guys. Especially if you don’t wear suits every day.

This outfit is also perfect for going as a guest to a Christening or a Wedding.

Take inspiration from David Beckham


If you are looking for something more adventurous then a Grey Check Suit is the way to go. Opt for a 3 piece as it will you multiple outfit combinations especially if you are feeling too hot and want to take the Jacket off. Rocking a Waistcoat will always convey elegance and class. Once again accessories are really important here BUT they will differ from the Navy Suit. Since, the Check pattern on this Suit is very noticeable it is best to keep the shirt a classic white. You are making your statement with the Suit. I love wearing funky ties and a floral print tie is something you should consider pairing with your Check Suit. This navy floral tie is perfect as it complements the Grey and Brown colours flowing through the rest of the outfit.

This Outfit is great for a Wedding Guest and for a Day at the Races.


When going as a guest to a Christening there is a degree of freedom with your outfit. You can of course choose a Suit and in most cases this will work nicely. If you are looking for something a little bit different or you don’t own a Suit but you have a of Blazers or Waistcoats then I have some outfit ideas for you.


Pink a great colour to use guys and it is becoming more popular too. Going as a guest to occasions like this give you an opportunity play around with your style. For this outfit I wanted to style something a bit more daring so its not for everyone. I actually picked up the Pink Blazer and Waistcoat on sale and they were fantastic sale buys! Shop the sale often guys for hidden gems like these. Going with a Pink Blazer and Waistcoat combo is a daring statement so we need to keep this in mind when picking a shirt. Pink is a notoriously difficult colour to complement so a classic white shirt is the best option in this case. Emphasise the Black pants by adding Black accessories where you can. A Black floral bowtie (bought on sale for €3!) and a black (Armani) watch with a cuff works really well here. Brown loafers or shoes complete a very stylish ensemble guys. The third picture is of an Outfit I wore to a Christening in Liverpool in 2016 and it looks really well too if you don’t like wearing ties and formal clothing.


This combination is perfect for going as a guest. It is stylish but not too over the top. You don’t want to steal the limelight after all. I chose to style the outfit with a red bowtie for something a little bit different. A bowtie conveys confident, cheeky charm and are not as plentiful as a tie so it is a great ice breaker too. The bowtie is the star of the outfit so keep the shirt a classic white to show this off. I am wearing a shirt with black buttons which also works. Pay attention to the small details like adding a lapel pin. These small details will really enhance your outfit and demonstrate your ability to dress! A pair of tan/brown shoes finish off the look. Go with slip on loafers in Summer and shoes for Winter.

This outfit is perfect for a day at the races or a night out as well


Depending on the time of year you can go with a Waistcoat. This is still a very smart option to go with. Waistcoats are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and rightly so in my opinion, I love wearing them. Adding a rust coloured knitted tie gives the outfit a pop of colour. A good guide for adding colour to your outfit in particularly in Autumn / Winter is the colour of leaves. Think rust auburn colours along with burgundy. These colours contrast well with Navy. Completing my outfit is Burgundy Brogues. These are great for smart casual events in Autumn and Winter. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some outfit ideas for your dilemma on What To Wear…To A Christening!

I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!