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Pitti Uomo Adam Gallagher

Pitti Immagine Uomo is an event I have always wanted to attend. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I love going to the gym and playing football too but from a very young age, I understood the power of style. You are marketing yourself to the world so you want to present the possible version of yourself, no?! I was eager to go to Pitti Immagine Uomo to meet fellow fashion fanatics and gaze at their amazing outfits! For me, the Italians are the kings of fashion! Followed closely by British style. In fact, I describe my wardrobe as an Italian Summer and a British Winter. I realise you are rereading that and thinking what is this douchebag going on about?! Keep reading, trust me.


My first day at Pitti was a nerve-wracking one. I knew no one at the event! This turned out to be a positive thing though. One of my favourite all-time purchases is this pink double-breasted blazer from Asos which I got on sale for around €30, I think. It was an inspired purchase! When I think of Italy in Summer I think of scorching hot sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Luckily Florence didn’t disappoint and I gleefully trotted up Via Guelfa to Fortezza da Basso ready for action!

My thought process for this outfit was to keep it simple, let the double-breasted blazer be the focal point of the outfit. I decided on white pants to give the outfit a sharp, stylish edge. A white shirt with floral accessories complemented the blazer as well. Accessories really enhance an outfit and the addition of a trilby hat and tan double monk straps completed my stylish ensemble.

Pitti Uomo espresso

Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo wall

Pitti Uomo Cuts for Him

Cuts For Him


After a decent first day at Pitti and meeting some of my friends on Instagram I returned to Fortezza da Basso with one of my favourite outfits, a light blue linen suit. My eyes are blue so this colour highlights them. If you are struggling for colours that complement you. I suggest using the colour of your eyes for example if your eyes are green and you have pale skin then a pale or light green colour should suit you. Obviously, you need to take your hair colour into account too. I know that might sound daft but it does work. Anyway, back to work Frank. For this dapper creation, I wanted to use two pieces of clothing in particular. A wool and water knitted bowtie and a navy linen shirt. I went for a cream contrast waistcoat to break up the blue. Light grey loafers and a red hat finish off my look.

Pitti Uomo Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher

Pitti Uomo Contrast Waistcoat

Gianluca Ala

Pitti Immagine


Pitti Immagine Uomo is held each year in Florence, the capital of the Renaissance. I’m a huge history buff so I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful city! I have travelled to Italy many times and Florence is my top 3 favourite destinations in this magical country to visit. The three are Venice, Florence and Rome in case your wondering. With a world-renowned fashion event being held in the city twice a year it’s logical to assume the locals dress well, right? That’s an understatement! Some of the most mesmerising styles I saw was on the streets of Florence where some of the most fashionable people I have ever seen were strolling around enjoying life. Naturally, all common sense went out the window when I started exploring Florence thankfully those grey loafers a comfortable! A fresh pair of Adidas Originals Stan Smiths also helped my cause. Keep an eye on the blog for my Florence travel guide as this post is strictly a stylish affair!

Pitti Uomo sight seeing

Pitti Uomo shorts

The Student Hotel Florence Pitti Uomo

Pitti Immagine The Student Hotel Rooftop

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and it has provided you with some style inspiration. Check out my review of Pitti Uomo 94 for some more stylish ensembles. Don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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