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Are you looking for comfort, warmth and style? Then, choose Shearling. The biggest trend in Menswear this year has been the adoption of shearling. It is available in a wide variety of Coats and Jackets too from Aviator to Denim. Wearing Shearling, often referred to as Borg is a great way to keep the cold at bay while remaining stylish. A win-win! I’ll show you some easy outfits to help you to incorporate Shearling into your wardrobe. These outfits are street style inspired outfits and are really appealing casual looks showcasing Chelsea Boots, Denim and Aviator Jackets along with brighter colours like Pink and White.


I got this fully lined Aviator Jacket from River Island. Black is a great colour to have this style of jacket in as there is a clear contrast with the wooly material on the collar and throughout the lining of it. Black also gives you a lot of outfit combinations because it works so well with almost every colour and of course all black everything is a great look. I wanted to bring style and warmth together with some on trend pieces like Ripped Jeans, Pink and Chelsea Boots. We’ll go top to bottom. I styled the outfit with a Pink Jumper to illustrate just how versatile this colour is and why you need it in your wardrobe. The Aviator Jacket is suited to a Street Style look so I added some Ripped Jeans to give the outfit a laid back look. Grey Chelsea’s finishes it off.


  • Aviator Jacket (buy similar)
  • Pink Jumper
  • Acid Wash Ripped Jeans (buy similar)
  • Grey Chelsea Boots (buy similar)
  • Marshall Headphones (buy them)
  • Armani Watch (buy similar)

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The second inspired piece of Borg Lined Jackets is a Denim Jacket. Denim Jackets are still Must-Have pieces for any fashion conscious man but you do run into problems with them in Autumn and Winter since they offer very little warmth without a lining. I personally prefer a fully lined Jacket rather than the ones with just the Borg collar. For this outfit I styled a Pink Jumper with the Blue Denim Jacket and created a warm and colourful top half for those guys who are a fan of colour. Acid Ripped Jeans and Chelsea Boots complete the Street Style Inspired look.


  • Denim Jacket (buy similar)
  • Pink Jumper
  • Acid Wash Ripped Jeans (buy similar)
  • Grey Chelsea Boots (buy similar)
  • Marshall Headphones (buy them)


Highlighting just how versatile these Jackets are I styled the Denim Jacket with a basic white, black ripped Jeans and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith Trainers for a more relaxed, everyday look. This outfit is very appealing because it is so easy to put together. It really is effortlessly stylish and is perfect for a day out shopping or even a spontaneous night out. Sometimes less is more.


  • Denim Jacket (buy similar)
  • White T-Shirt
  • Black Ripped Jeans (buy similar)
  • White Adidas Stan Smith Trainers (buy them)


I’m not the only one who loves a Shearling Jacket. Some well known celebrities are a fan of this style Jacket too. Lets a take a look at some celeb inspiration.

Drake Aviator Jacket – image via

David Beckham Shearling Collar Denim Jacket

Tom Hardy Aviator Jacket

Zac Efron Borg Collar Denim Jacket

These looks are perfect guys who are looking to upgrade their casual style. You can wear these outfits anywhere they are that versatile. Doesn’t matter if it’s for shopping with your other half or having some drinks with the boys these looks are stylish, easy to construct and take the hassle out of wondering what casual looks to wear.

That is all for now, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post and it has given you some outfit ideas for your Shearling street style looks. Check me out on Instagram, Twitter and You Tube for more fashion and lifestyle tips.

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