Hi guys, so you have a date night with the person you really fancy or maybe its your other half and you want to spice things up? Or is it a Valentine’s Day date night? Whichever one it is well done my friend! Now you are thinking what will I wear?? Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. I haves some outfit ideas lined up so you make the right first impression. As the old saying goes ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ while this is a bit drastic for a date it can make your job a hell of a lot harder if you don’t look the part.


We’ll break this post down into a few sections covering a Dinner Date, Going for a Drink, Going to the Cinema and a bonus part, a Activity Date. The outfits will be a mixture of Smart ensembles featuring Blazers and Shirts along with more Casual looks featuring Denim Jackets and Outdoor Gear like Berghaus Coats. There is literally something for everyone. Plus there are some fragrance suggestions too so you will get lucky!


The most common date night is probably a dinner date. If its a first date then your manners and dress sense are going to be talked about. Your date is be discussed and what you wore will be thoroughly scrutinised “what did he wear? “did he smell nice?” “what did ye talk about?” etc you certainly don’t want a “he wore what?!” I believe in making the right first impression so I strongly suggest a Blazer and Shirt combo. Dress to Impress is the best way to approach it. You can of course go with just a Shirt but adding a Blazer will always leave a lasting impression.


Choosing a Navy Blazer is always a good choice. It is a strong masculine colour and is associated with intelligence and confidence but it can be perceived as cold and unfriendly so don’t be too quiet if you can help it. Keep the outfit simple but smart. A shirt with a print or pattern for example a pinstripe, navy jeans and brown accessories is a great outfit choice for a first date.

If you don’t like navy or you would prefer something more adventurous then opt for a Camel coloured Blazer. Tan combined with Navy creates a powerful and appealing colour combination. A Camel coloured Blazer and Navy Jeans work so well together. Remember a contrast will always give you a more eye catching look and illustrates your ability to dress….well! Camel is a great colour to work with so consider different colour shirts like white, navy and burgundy in particular.


Outfit One; Navy Blazer, Shirt, Navy Jeans and Brown Shoes

Outfit Two; Camel Blazer, Shirt, Navy Jeans and Shoes

5 first date outfits

Navy Blazer, Pinstripe Shirt and Jeans


You want something that is appealing but not overpowering. The last thing your date will appreciate is waft of your strong scent while attempting to eat their dinner. You will need subtle but strong enough to fend of restaurant smells something. Christian Dior Sauvage is perfect. This scent is absolutely amazing and is one of my top 5 most complimented fragrances…..of all time. It is no longer a secret though though so your date may have smelt it before. They will be impressed though! Buy it here.

Dior Sauvage image


  • Be at least five to ten minutes early to settle yourself.
  • Leave your phone in your pocket.
  • Compliment her/him on how they look. Mention the accessories like earrings, bracelets, watches or the main ones like their dress, jeans or shirt.
  • Consider giving them flowers. Not a bouquet but something small and thoughtful. It might seem corny but remember ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’.
  • Pull out the chair and allow them to sit first.
  • Ask questions and LISTEN to the responses
  • Accept the real possibility of the awkward silence. They are nervous too.
  • Pay for the meal. Now is not the time for your opinions on female equality and the #metoo movement or your admiration for Donald Trump!


Use your accessories especially watches and bracelets as these can be ice breakers. If you are stuck for something to talk about ask your date about their accessories. “I love your earrings, where did you get them?” or “that’s a beautiful watch, I really like the dial” I know its sounds corny but it will work but these “lines” work. You are showing you have noticed their efforts to make a good impression.


Going for a drink is a very popular type of Date Night as well as a First Date option . There is more pressure here as you will be out among the public and potential suitors for your date. Don’t give them a chance by blowing them away in slick, stylish outfit! Outfits for this type of date can be a tricky so I think wear what you feel comfortable with. I have two outfits I think will look really well. One is a high fashion look for guys who love fashion and the outfit is a more casual look.


For the more fashion conscious guys reading I think this Grey Overcoat is a piece your wardrobe. You probably have one already? A pair of Tartan Trousers are a super alternative to Jeans and Chinos and add a completely different look to your outfit. They are eye catching and certainly demonstrate your keen eye for style. Keep the colour palette simple. The focal points of the outfit are the Trousers and the Overcoat so I chose a Black Roll Neck and Chelsea Boots. They compliment the Overcoat and Trousers and the outfit flows nicely.


Overcoat, Roll Neck, Tartan Trousers, Chelsea Boots

Grey Overcoat Tartan Trousers


If you prefer a more casual look then definitely go for a Denim Jacket. This Borg lined Denim Jacket is perfect for going for a few drinks with your date in Autumn and Winter. If it is Spring or Summer where you are then a normal Denim Jacket will do the trick. I added a Pink Jumper for a pop of colour and to freshen up the outfit but you can go with white, khaki or even black. Whichever suits. Stay away from prints on this one though. The Denim Jacket is the focal point of the outfit. Adding some Ripped Jeans and Chelsea Boots complete the casual but stylish appearance. I love Chelsea Boots but if you are not a fan then go with some white cons or black vans. A pair of Brown Boots and Desert Boots would look well too.


Denim Jacket, Pink Jumper, Acid Wash Ripped Jeans and Grey Chelsea Boots.

Denim Jacket with Shearling


This amazing scent is one that always brings compliments. Fierce is perfect a Night Out as it boasts incredible silage and projection so your date will smell and so you will people when you walk by. A great scent cannot be underestimated. A killer outfit a tantalizing scent will make sure you have the best chances of getting somewhere on the night! Shop it here.

abercrombie and fitch fierce cologne


Showing up to the Cinema for Date Night in a Blazer might look like overkill (I still would lol). A casual outfit is ideal for this sort of date partly because you are going to be sitting down for at least 90 mins. Are you a fan of popcorn? Coke? I love both! So sitting down for a long time munching and drinking will take its toll especially on your outfit. Pick a comfortable but stylish outfit because you could be going for a few drinks after so looking good is still a priority. There are two ways to approach this scenario. Smart Casual and Casual.


Going to cinema for a date may mean its a second or third date and it is likely you will end up going for drinks after so choosing a stylish but comfortable outfit is the task here. You will need a coat so I recommend wearing a smarter coat or jacket. A Grey Overcoat is a great piece to have because it is a smart Coat which can be dressed down. This outfit is a pinstriped shirt, navy jeans and brown shoes. You can choose a different colour shirt for example burgundy or navy would look very good too. Just make sure you compliment the colour of the Jeans.


Overcoat, Shirt, Navy Jeans and Brown Shoes

Grey Overcoat


I have two suggestions for a Cinema Date Night. You will need a Jacket. One is based around a Tan Harrington Jacket. Styled with a Burgundy Jumper to give the outfit a pop of colour. Grey Jeans are a nice alternative the usual darker Navys and Blacks. White Trainers complete the look. If the Tan Harrington Jacket is a bit brighter than you are used of then I have another outfit based around a Navy Bomber Jacket. I styled a Purple Jumper underneath to the colours more muted. Grey Jeans give the outfit a brighter appearance and White Trainers finish the look. You can swap these out for your favourite footwear like Deserts Shoes or Chelsea Boots.


Outfit One; Harrington Jacket, Burgundy Jumper, Grey Jeans and White Trainers

Outfit Two; Bomber Jacket, Purple JumperGrey Jeans and White Trainers

first date outfits

Purple Jumper First Dates


You could be going on an activity date? It could be going for a walk or a small bit of hiking. You will need something stylish but warm and functional. I think puffer jackets are ideal for this type of date as they use your own body heat to keep you warm. I’m wearing a Berghaus Hybrid Fleece with a White t-shirt layered underneath with some Navy Jeans and White Trainers. If you are going into muddy terrain then swap these out for proper Trainers. Check out my video on Outdoor Gear for more Outfit Ideas.


Berghaus Hybrid Fleece, Navy Jeans and White Trainers

first date outfits

That is all for now, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post and it has given you some outfit ideas for your potential date  night outfits. Let me know what you decided to wear on my social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and You Tube

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic,

Until Next Time,