Tweed Suit Peaky Blinders Style

Are you a fan of the smash hit TV show, The Peaky Blinders? The series immense popularity has spawned its very own style icon in Tommy Shelby. His brothers are dapper dressers too! Now you can steal their Style with my Peaky Blinders Style Steal!


Part of the appeal of The Peaky Blinders and another iconic TV Series famous for its influence on Mens Fashion, Mad Men is the style of their leading men, Tommy Shelby and Don Draper. Of course, the plots of both of shows are really engrossing and we just can’t get enough them from that point of view. The enduring appeal of both shows has been their influence on Mens Fashion. Mad Men was incredibly popular and sparked a Suit revolution. Interest in wearing outside the office grew as a result of Don Draper and his impeccable tailoring. The Peaky Blinders have had a similar impact on Mens Fashion. Personally, I think it is great to see. I like my Street Style too but getting Suited and Booted improves every mans appearance. So what does it take to dress like a Peaky Blinder?


The Peaky Blinders are a bunch of dapper chaps. The show begins in 1919 when Tweed was used a lot in Suits due to its warmth and insulating properties. For this Style Steal, I wore a check Brown/Grey Tweed Slim Fit Suit from Cavani Menswear. Pick a Suit which has a matching waistcoat as this is a key Peaky Blinder style feature. The Suit I’m wearing is the Connall Slim Fit Tweed Suit and you can check it out here.


Once you have got your Tweed Suit picked the next step in the Peaky Blinders Style Steal is an Overcoat. Tommy and the boys wear Overcoats down to their ankles and these are really badass, however, I suggest going with a three-quarter length Black one. The darker the colour the better as this will highlight the colour your Tweed Suit while complementing other pieces you have in your wardrobe. Think of functionality. Once again Cavani provides the inspiration with this gorgeous Roman Black Overcoat.


The Peaky Blinders choice of shirts is one of the pieces I love and admire about their outfits. I love wearing shirts, they are so masculine and generally give you a lot of outfit options. The Penny Collar or Club Man style shirt is one of the distinctive pieces worn by the Peaky Blinders. The Shirt features a smaller and more rounded collar than traditional shirts. The advantage of wearing a Penny Collar Shirt is you don’t need to wear a tie with as it conveys a casual, laid-back look. However, if you do wish to wear a tie with this style of outfit as I have done then the Penny Collar or any other shirt will do the trick. You can buy one similar to mine here.


The most iconic piece of Thomas Shelby and The Peaky Blinders wardrobe is the Baker Boy Cap. While the other items of clothing we have seen so far are pieces which could be used for different events and occasions and don’t necessarily inspire a Peaky Blinders style outfit the addition of a Baker Boy Cap most certainly does. The Baker Boy Cap has remained popular in certain style circles throughout its distinguished history, however, the worldwide success and global appeal of The Peaky Blinders TV Show and subsequent obsession with the Suited and Booted styles they wear has brought the Baker Boy Cap back to mainstream fashion. Not an easy feat!


Wearing a Suit is a great opportunity to wear accessories other more casual outfits rarely provide. For this Peaky Blinders inspired look I chose a burgundy knitted tie as the colour compliments the Brown/Grey appearance of the Suit. The Cavani Suit comes with its own Lapel Pin. Always wear some form of Lapel Pin as they attract compliments. I love wrist accessories so I wear bracelets and watches on a regular basis. I’m wearing a white Azuro Republic bracelet and black Armani watch. For a truly authentic Peaky Blinders look add a pocket watch with a chain to this outfit.


The Peaky Blinders are experts at layering. Their outfits are the perfect example of How To Layer Clothes in logical and colour co-ordinated way. Shirt, Waistcoat, Suit Jacket and Overcoat and with such quality fabrics you are unlikely to feel the cold in Autumn and Winter. In Spring Summer you can peel off the layers and still have a Smart outfit with the Waistcoat and Trousers.


Three Piece Slim Fit Tweed Suit from House of Cavani

Penney Collar Shirt (Topman Boohoo Man)

Sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse

Burgundy Polk Dot Tie (ASOS Topman)

Double Monk Strap Shoes (Topman)

That is all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed the post and it has given you plenty of inspiration for attempting a Peaky Blinders inspired look. For more inspiration and Peaky Blinders style photos follow peaky.gentleman on Instagram. It is a really great page for style tips and photos.

Tag me in your Dapper creations on my social media channels, I can’t wait to see how you style your outfits! Check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts. The Connall Three Piece Tweed Suit from Cavani is a great choice for a Wedding. See how I styled it as a Wedding Suit here.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

Until Next Time,