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The world famous Pitti Immagine Uomo took place in Florence, Italy on June 12th to the 15th. It is one of the world’s biggest and most famous menswear trade shows. The emphasis of the event was Spring/Summer 2019 with the theme of Pitti Uomo 94 being Pitti Optical Power.


Since its inception in the 1970’s, Pitti Uomo has grown to become one of the most important events in the Men’s Fashion calendar. The influence of Pitti has grown to such an extent it is now considered to be an”unofficial” fashion week. Every January and June the most stylish gentlemen in fashion from across the globe flock to Florence to check out what’s new and to influence you and I. While the traditional fashion weeks introduce trends, it is at Pitti Uomo where these trends are reimagined into stylish ensembles every man will want to wear!


Patterns in general and stripes, in particular, are tipped to be the next big trend in Mens Fashion. Pitti Uomo is traditionally associated with classic tailoring and linen shirts in the summer time but it has seen a strong street style presence over the past few years resulting in a fascinating blend of styles.

Sartorially speaking, several of the past year’s trends continue to grow strong with the mix of traditional tailoring with sportswear showing no signs of slowing down. There is also the dressing down of Japanese tailoring – pairing it with loud graphics such as print shirts and t-shirts, denim, and sneakers.

In fact, Pitti Uomo has gained a reputation for starting some of the biggest trends in menswear both formal and street style over the last few years, for example, Camel Coats, the Check/Plaid phenomenon, double-breasted blazers and waistcoats along with white pants and baker boy/flat caps.


Suits and tailoring are the main attraction at Pitti Uomo and it is fascinating to see contrasting styles and how men interpret fashion! I had plenty of outfit admiration (okay, envy!)


Green/Olive Suits were popular at Pitti Uomo and were styled beautifully with this colour already available in the UK and Irish market.

Pitti Uomo Green Blazer

Gant Blanc “Fadi”

Pitti Uomo Green Suit

The Dons Club


Illustrating how versatile suits can be, they were also dressed down in basic t-shirts and knitted polos, trainers (showing the ankle, of course!) and hats.

Pitti Uomo Style Suits and Trainers

image via Instagram – cadandthedandy

Pitti Uomo Suit style

James Sleater


Another look receiving a lot of love was printed shirts worn inside suits or as part of smart separates. Following on from the popularity of dressing down suits the stylish people of Pitt used their suit jacket and trousers to build other outfits. A simple yet stylish look is a print shirt with the collar pulled over the lapels presenting a 60’s vibe.

Pitti Uomo Printed Shirt


The current trend of checks was well represented at Pitti Uomo with some beautiful outfits on display. It is worth noting a shift to stripes is expected in 2019. Keep this in mind when considering your sartorial style choices. There wass plenty of inspiration for both in Florence!

Pitti Uomo Stripes

Gabriel Akinsoho

Pitti Uomo Stripes

elio ministeri

Pitti Uomo Double Breasted Blazer

Gabriel Akinsoho

Pitti Uomo Striped Blazer

Niccolo Cessari

Pitti Uomo Check Suit

Image via Instagram – Shaun Birley

Pitti Uomo Check Blazer

Image via Instagram – James Sleater


Pitti Uomo 94 was a kaleidoscope of colour with the emphasis being on Spring Summer. Hats of all shapes and sizes were popular also, in particular, Panama Hats being worn with suits, trainers and a polo or shirt – a really nice dressed down Summer look! While hats are not really popular summer accessories in the UK and Ireland a flat cap is something every stylish man should consider wearing. Just try one on at least? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Pitti Uomo Hats

Gui Bo


Contrast waistcoats were “a thing” before David Beckham brought the idea to the general public. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your suit game is to contrast your waistcoat. It will feel like you have a new suit! Try it, you will love it!

Pitti Uomo Contrast Waistcoats

Joe Laschet

Pitti Uomo Contrast Waistcoat

Gian Luca Ala and Fashionable Frank

Pitti Uomo Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher and Fashionable Frank


The double-breasted beast is here to stay for the foreseeable future with plenty of stylish pieces on display in the Florentine sun. When you are shopping for a new suit make it a double breasted check or stripe one. If you don’t like double-breasted jackets then try a double-breasted waistcoat. They look great on, I promise!

Pitti Uomo Double Breasted Blazer

Image via Instagram – hugo2officina38

Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo White Blazer

Louis – nicolas darbon


A resurgence in brown was noticeably at Pitti Uomo with some big names in menswear opting for this colour. Has Pitti Uomo kickstarted another colour trend phenomenon? Incorporating tonal layering the stylish guys at Pitti wore their brown jackets, shirts and waistcoats with cream and beige trousers. It is a nice look!

Pitti Uomo Brown Suits

Frank Gallucci

Pitti Uomo Brown Shirt

I had a blast at Pitti Uomo and met some incredibly talented and stylish people. Pitti is a celebration of personal style and expression with a beautifully collaborative atmosphere. Above all else, I think this is what makes it special. I hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures and it has given you plenty of inspiration for checking out this stylish event! Check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

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