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Valentines Day, a day most couples will love and many singletons may well feel alienated however Fashionable Frank has compiled the ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide for Men regardless of your relationship status. My credentials are unquestioned as I have been a Man for as long as I can remember!


Buying for your other half can be tricky which I find strange as the idea of receiving a gift is surely something to be happy with? Anywho, enough for me moaning. Like Dirty Harry once said ‘I know what you’re thinking?’ – “Will they be happy with what I get them?!” “I don’t know if they’ll like it?!” ” Its not really him, is it?” Such questions lead to a state of paralysis when choosing a gift for your other half. With this in mind I have decided a focused approach to this first world problem will help! I have a series of categories or hobbies we can use which should help smooth the gift buying process for you. In fact singletons may find it useful for a special purchase or to treating themselves on Valentines Day. These gift ideas are worthy of any Man Cave!

Its a simple question, what are the interests or hobbies of the person you are buying? BEHOLD,



If the subject of your affections is a Fashionista then you have certainly come to the right place. Frank is the man who put Fashion in Fashionable! I suggest going for Accessories. These are great gift ideas, they don’t cost a lot of money (usually) and they compliment most outfits which translates to they will be used!

Ted Baker Fashionista Accessories Valentines Day Gift Guide

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!


I suggest buying a watch a for your other half something like the Sleek Supply Watch is a nice, minimalist watch which doesn’t cost a lot of money. River Island and Burton Menswear in particular provide a fantastic range of fashion watches and these are relatively cheap but look great! More bang for your buck!


The Ultimate gift on my Valentines Day Gift Guide is a fragrance. You simply can’t go wrong with a fragrance as a gift. Every man needs a signature scent so have a look through his collection to see what fragrances he already owns. This is a good guide for you. Still stuck for ideas? Never fear Fashionable Frank is here! Check these out. From Left to Right Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Cologne, Christian Dior Sauvage, Paco Rabanne Invictus and Calvin Klein Euphoria. I highly recommend any of these fragrances for your significant other!

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce, Christian Dior Sauvage, Paco Rabanne Invictus, Calvin Klein Euphoria

Some of my favourite fragrances! Great Valentines Day Gifts

Man Bag

City slickers know all about the importance of a good quality Man Bag (satchel for those of you in the Joey from Friends era) mine is from Ted Baker. Choosing a high quality Bag is essential though as these are usually carrying some expensive tech like iPhones and iPads around.

Knitted Bowtie

My knitted Bow Tie is from Wool and Water. These are premium, hand knitted Bow Ties and while they are expensive the hipster fashionista male in your life will appreciate the workmanship and of course funky style of it! Check out my review of the Knitted Bow Tie here.


Buy something for the gamer man in your life at your own risk! They will appreciate it though (make them give up gaming for lent :-P). A controller for Playstation or Xbox are great gift ideas to consider. Naturally, the latest games are also high on the list of great gifts. Check out the pre loved games section in GameStop for some bargains. You could always opt to buy on online subscription for PSN or Xbox live. These thoughtful gift ideas are things only Gamers will appreciate!

PS4 controllers

PlayStation controllers come in wicked different colours now. The Gamer will love one!


Movie Buffs will certainly appreciate a box set of their favourite TV show or special editions of their favourite movies. I suggest a different idea, a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription?! €10 a month isn’t a lot of money for the content you receive. A 6 month or 12 subscription would be an amazing gift to get! I have Netflix and I definitely recommend a subscription and the first month is usually free too.


Is he a music addict?? Wondering what to buy for a man of such persuasion? One word.


I have a Spotify premium account and I really recommend gifting one if you are struggling for ideas. €10 a month might seem expensive but in my opinion it is well worth the money. With Spotify you can link it with Shazam and stream new music instantly. Spotify allows you to compile playlists and suggest new music based on what you listened to this feature is really cool. I’ve some great songs with it. Music is essential for everything in my opinion. Bringing us along nicely to our next interest.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

These would be a great gift for someone who loves their music. I have seen or I should rephrase and say heard the Harman/Kardon Esquire in action and it is incredible! The build quality is exceptional. It such a piece worthy of any Man Cave. Beware the price point is premium but it is an award winner so you know its going to good.


Every Gym Junkie will appreciate some protein bars or a bag of protein. I use Optimum Nutrition in a Mint Choc flavour and it is absolutely amazing! Buying some new gym gear for your other half is also an option. I love Under Armour. I use the fitted Raid T-Shirts. These look great on and a funky contrast back too and are relatively inexpensive at €30/€35.

Under Armour Raid T-Shirts for the Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide

Under Armour fitted t-shirts will look great in the gym!


The Techie will appreciate a Power Bank to keep their gadgets juiced up and ready for use. Choose a high quality one as a Techie will know. Read what the experts say with this really helpful article from PC advisor.

These are just Valentines Day Gift Guide ideas I suggest. Ultimately you will know what your other half will appreciate as a gift. Remember, its the thought that counts!

I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic


Still stuck for ideas for Valentines Day Gifts then contact me directly I’d love to hear from you!

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