It is SUMMER! Rejoice! Who doesn’t love Summer? It is the season of blue skies, longer evenings, softer fabrics, brighter colours and white jeans. White pants are criminally underused and underrated by most Men! This is partly due to the fact they can be a tricky style to pull off, BUT, never fear FASHIONABLE FRANK is here with two stylish ensembles to ease you into the white pants phenomenon. Whether you are at home or on holiday these outfits will ensure you look GREAT!

When coming up with outfit ideas for my white jeans I decided to go with a day to night theme. White is an incredibly versatile colour to work with and most colours will go well with this neutral tone, in particular other opposing block colours. It is Summer so think of softer pastel shades or louder bolder colours and combine these with white. Pink used to considered an adventurous colour in menswear. Join Fashionable Frank in making white the new pink!




When styling the white jeans for the day time I decided to stick with a coloured t-shirt. Block colour tee’s are everywhere and are relatively cheap (mine is from River Island). The t-shirt is a block colour contrast. Both colour are light in appearance and capture Summer perfectly! Now who’s joining me in Monte Carlo?!

White Jeans and Pink T-Shirt
Who’s coming on my yacht?

My second outfit choice is simply choosing a different coloured and more relaxed fit t-shirt. Yellow isn’t just for ties or pocket squares guys, yellow is a great Summer colour to work with! Especially if you have dark hair. The relaxed fit of the yellow t-shirt (mine is from primark for only €3!) works well with the tight fitting jeans. Yellow and white look great together. This outfit screams Summer!

Yellow T-Shirt and White Jeans
White Jeans look great as a casual outfit too


For night time we need to smarten the looks up! Step forward my favourite piece in Menswear, a Blazer! I am obsessed with Blazers! Adding a lightweight Summer Blazer (mine is from Zara) completes the smarter look for night time whether you are at home or on holiday.

White Jeans and Blazer
Smarten up your look with a Blazer!
Blazer and White Jeans
Roll the sleeves on your Blazer for a smart casual look.

My second choice of outfit works really well with a Blazer too. Yellow and navy are a great combination colour wise and provide a bold contrast with the white jeans. Now all you need is a coloured cocktail!

Yellow T-Shirt and Blazer
Yellow is a colour which will suit most men! Give it a try?
Blazer and Yellow T-Shirt with White Jeans
Add a Blazer in the evening whether it is at home or on holidays


Go for colours that complement the Blazer. White is a great colour to work with as it is a neutral colour (what are neutral colours? find out with my post on how to wear neutrals) and will go well with most other colours. The Blazer and coloured t-shirt combo needs a bit more work. My Top Tip is to contrast! Pick your Blazer and coloured t-shirt combination first. Opt for stripes with your blazer for a Nautical inspired look.


Blazer by Zara Man (similar Blazer here)

Zara Man Blazer
This Zara Man alternative will look great with every outfit.


T-Shirts by River Island (pink, buy here) and Pull and Bear (yellow, alternative buy here)


River Island T-Shirt
River Island T-Shirt
Pull and Bear Yellow T-Shirt
Pull and Bear Yellow T-Shirt

White Jeans by River Island (buy them here) or Slim Fit White Trousers alternative by Zara (buy them here)

River Island Ripped Jeans
River Island Ripped Skinny Jeans
Zara Man Slim Trousers
Zara Man Slim Trousers

Sunglasses by Sunglasses Warehouse (buy them here)

Sunglasses Warehouse Wayfarers
Sunglasses Warehouse Wayfarers

Boat Shoes by Primark Man (alternative style here)

Navy Boat Shoes
Go for a contrast with these Navy Boat Shoes with contrast laces

That is all from me for the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post and you have found some white jeans inspiration!

I have been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!

Until next time,


Blazer and White Jeans
A Blazer and White Jeans


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