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A suit is a big investment especially if you don’t wear one for work. However, just because you don’t wear a suit to work shouldn’t deter you from investing in one. The mantra of “when will I wear it?!” won’t apply when you have finished reading this article. I don’t wear suits as part of my “real” job but if I see something I like then I will try it partly because of the tips I am sharing here.



Before we get into the outfits I want to share some tips on why having a summer suit is good for wardrobe.


Suits in summer come in unlined or partially lined construction, therefore, they are lightweight and provide comfort while the temperatures soar outside. In some cases buying an unlined suit jacket will cost you more money than the all season lined alternative. I


The most obvious benefit a suit bought specifically for summer is the fabric. Breathable fabrics like linen or cotton may cost more and wrinkle easier particularly linen however they will keep you cool so they are worth the extra money in my opinion. You will be comfortable and cool (literally!)


I was on the prowl for something for a trip to Pitti Uomo (one of the biggest men’s fashion events in the world) preferably a summer suit. I love to take risks with my style and I had decided on dusty pink double breasted Moss Bros 2 piece suit but it wouldn’t have arrived before I departed for Italy. Thankfully it didn’t as I discovered this beauty from River Island (check it out here). I did not imagine myself in a blue linen suit at all, however, I have been really impressed with the versatility of this suit. The quality is absolutely brilliant, it fits really and of course is an eye-catching baby blue. My only gripe is the shoulder pads are a bit on the big side, unfortunately.

Summer suit relaxing on a park bench


The first step is not to think of a suit, particularly a summer suit purely as formal occasion wear. A suit consists of a jacket/blazer, trousers and in some cases a waistcoat. That is 3 separate pieces of clothing you can wear with other items in your wardrobe. I will show you 4 ways of wearing a suit covering formal occasions to casual wear. Prepare for your views on suits to be completely turned upside down! You won’t look at a suit again in the same way. The suit I will be using to showcase these looks is a 3 piece linen suit from River Island and you can buy it here.


The most obvious use for your summer suit will probably be for formal engagements like weddings, christenings and ladies day at the races etc and that is where we will begin with our outfit inspiration. Waistcoats and double-breasted jackets are huge trends in menswear at the moment so consider these when you are going for your suit. I try to buy a suit as a 3 piece where I can as it gives you more outfit options.

Summer Suit Strutting in style

Summer Suit Posing in a linen suit on a bench

Summer suit walking down steps

Summer Suit Linen suit crossing the road

Linen suit and azuro republic bracelet

crossing the street in style!

Summer Suit Linen Suit resting against the wall


As discussed earlier a suit doesn’t have to be used solely for formal occasions. The suit I am modelling is a summer inspired linen suit and looks great dressed up or down. Wearing your suit with coloured t-shirts and trainers completely changes its appearance. I’ve added a pocket square to give the outfit a touch of elegance. In hotter climates, you can definitely add a Panama hat for a super stylish look! Wearing a white t-shirt is the easiest and arguably the coolest option giving the outfit that effortlessly cool look, you don’t want to look like trying too hard either.

Summer Suit Linen suit and loafers

Summer Suit and white tshirt

Summer Suit Linen suit and pocket square

Another option is to go with a pink t-shirt. I love contrasts and the bold pink tee looks really well with the light blue colour of the suit. Play around with colours and find you like another great option is yellow.

Summer Style Sitting on steps

Summer Suit Linen suit and pink tshirt


One of the easiest ways to extract more value for your money from your suits is to wear it as separates. Using your jacket as a blazer is something you are probably doing anyway however if you are not then I suggest focusing on skinny or slim fit styles as these look better with jeans and chinos. Incorporating trousers into your wardrobe can be difficult particularly if you are a big fan of jeans (I love jeans!) but mixing things up can be a good thing. It might seem strange at first and that is natural but try the trousers trend to give your casual wear a smarter look. If you end up loving wearing trousers you have a great excuse to spend on suits!


Using your suit jacket as part other outfits is a great way to get more use of it. This colour works really well when paired with print shirts. To create a sizzling summer look I have paired the jacket with a pair of white chinos and ice grey loafers. You can add a hat as well to complete the look. Most print shirts or t-shirts will work with this colour so experiment with what you have first.

A guide to summer style

Summer style Florence white chinos


Incorporating trousers in your wardrobe is not something every man will be comfortable doing, however, mastering this look can breathe new life in your summer wardrobe. Breathable fabrics like linen are popular in summertime thus ensuring suits are much more comfortable even if they wrinkle a bit easier. Outfit planning isn’t too difficult either as floral print shirts once again work incredibly well with trousers. Tuck in your print shirt, show off your belt while adding a white blazer and you have completely transformed your look! This is a great summer look and more importantly is easy to achieve with some smart purchasing and planning.

Summer Suit Print shirt and suit trousers

Summer Suit Print shirt, hat and smart trousers

Summer Style Suit trousers, hat and print shirt

That is all, for now, guys, thanks for stopping by. I hope this post has given you some outfit ideas for any dapper dilemmas you may have. As we have seen a suit doesn’t have to be an extravagant one-time purchase brought out for special occasions. Wearing this suit with a t-shirt looks great I think and I loved wearing in Italy separately. It is a really versatile suit and will serve you will if you decide to buy it.

Tag me in your Dapper creations on my social media channels, I can’t wait to see how you style your outfits! Check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

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