Summer style print shirt venice

Looking good in the sun is not as easy as it seems. With temperatures soaring outside style during the summer can be forgotten about. You can look great in the sun and still be stylish! I have a quick guide to summer style. This guide will provide you with some stylish chino shorts inspired looks incorporating shirts and t-shirt during the daytime and blazers for those beautiful sunsets in the evening. While there will also be some looks utilising trousers as well.


Whether you are on the Irish or French Riveria during summer, shorts are king, particularly chino shorts. I have nothing against denim shorts but chino shorts are easier to work with when considering a smarter summer style and look great with shirts and t-shirts, pieces you are going to be wearing. I recommend a white pair as they will team well with almost every other colour and they look great with a print shirt and loafers for a smarter look. Choosing an orange pair of shorts introduces a new eye-catching colour to your summer wardrobe. The old reliables of navy and beige should not be discounted either.

Summer style print shirt venice

Summer Style orange shorts venezia

Summer Style Aperol Spritz

Summer style white shorts Rome


I love wearing shirts and it doesn’t matter what season it is! Shirts and chino shorts look great together as well. I recommend going for block pastel colours like blue or pink as these are awesome summer colours to work with. It is also important to consider what colour shirt or t-shirt you are wearing if you intend to add a blazer later in the day.

Oxford shirts

For me, Oxford shirts are king. They are relatively cheap, fit really well and come in a vast array of colours and more importantly, have different collar options, for example, grandad collars which I love wearing! Oxford shirts or any block coloured shirt are very versatile and give you endless outfit options. I recommend trying summer colours like blue, pink, red and white. Depending on how brave you are, brighter colours like yellow look great with a tan, muscles and navy shorts. One of the perks of wearing Oxfords shirts is if you decide to wear a blazer in the evening your job of finding a nice combination is made easier.

Summer style beautiful lisboa

Summer Style Pink oxford shirt

Print Shirts

Prints like floral shirts are another option and offer a different element for your summer style. Print shirts also look great with blazers and most types of footwear depending on the look you are going for. Combine a print shirt with shorts or a pair of linen trousers and loafers and you have a very slick summer look on your hands. The print on your shirt is the main point of your outfit so the shorts support that. Pick neutral coloured shorts like whites or greys which tend to work well with most prints and patterns.

Summer style floral shirt and shorts

Summer Style Palm Print shirt and white shorts


Some of you may not like shorts or deem them inappropriate for going out for a meal or a few drinks. Trousers or Chinos are a great alternative to jeans (I love jeans!) in the summertime and are usually made from lightweight material, for example, linen suits or trousers. These alternatives can breathe new life into your summer wardrobe especially if you like brighter colours.

White Trousers

For me, white trousers are essential for summer. Embracing white trousers or shorts gives you loads of outfit options as well. White is a great colour to work with and complements blue and pink also. Teaming a print floral shirt, a blazer and a pair of white trousers is a stylish summer look. Add a hat as well for a 60’s inspired summer outfit.

A guide to summer style

Summer style Florence white chinos

Blue Trousers

Sporting blue trousers in summer is always a good idea in my opinion. You can use your suit trousers here or invest in some new ones. When I’m wearing trousers I like to keep the shirt tucked in to give the outfit a smarter look. I always wear belts and I am a big fan of them. Not all guys wear belts and if you don’t then it won’t really affect the outfit negatively. I have gone for a shorter leg as I like to show off ankle during the summer but this is not for everyone so choose a length you are happy with. However, I do suggest at least trying out a shorter length leg with loafers.

Summer Style Florence

The Student Hotel Florence Pitti Uomo

Pink Trousers

The dusty pink hue is almost certainly the best colour to begin your pink trousers affair. One of the best points about wearing pink chinos is they look really well with any of type of blue or white. That is an important point as these colours are in most of our wardrobes anyway? I bet you have a white shirt and blue or navy blazer? Add a pair of pink chinos and you have a sensational summer look!

Summer style pink chinos venice
Summer style pink chinos


The idea of wearing a blazer when it is 25+ seems a bit of daft idea, however, distinguish yourself from the other tourists with a slick summer-ready look. Summer blazers are often made of linen and are not lined so they are lightweight enough for hotter climates. While evenings usually see temperatures dropping a few degrees (depending on where you are) so a blazer is another stylish layer to keep you warm.

Summer style lisbon white blazer

Summer style lisbon blazer and shorts

Summer style pink oxford shirt and blue blazer

Summer style red shorts and blue blazer


The humble t-shirt can enhance your summer wardrobe pretty easily. Stripes and nautical looks are consistently associated with summer style so going for a striped t-shirt is a great idea. I quite like Breton stripes but a regular stripe tee will work with most outfits. The major benefit of rocking a stripey t-shirt is how easy it can be dressed up and transformed into a smarter look for eating out.

Summer Style stripes and a blazer

Summer style lisbon yellow tshirt and blue blazer


One of the most important elements of your summer is footwear. Choosing the wrong shoes or trainers will completely ruin your outfit! Footwear is also important as your shoes or trainers need to be comfortable especially if you are going on a city break where there will be plenty of steps every day!

For more sizzling summer looks check out what I wore to Pitti Uomo and my review of this very stylish event! There is a lot of outfit inspiration in there for you guys. If you are looking for summer suit looks read my guide on wearing smarter outfits for the season.

That is all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed this guide on summer style and the points will help you in the future. Check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for more fashion and lifestyle posts.

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