Hi guys, what is up? Welcome back. Today’s post is about Autumn Winter Trends. I simply love Autumn Winter! The weather is fresh and crisp, perfect for layering. Perfect for creating stylish yet warm outfits. I prefer shopping for Autumn Winter pieces as I think they offer better value for money and are regularly. You may […]


Hey guys, welcome back! Today’s post is about the ultimate accessory for men, watches. A watch can be masculine and is functional – like most men. Except when asking for directions. Regular readers will know I love wearing accessories. However, not all guys are comfortable rocking bracelets, lapel pins and bowties. That is totally cool! I want […]


Hello everyone, welcome! You may notice my complexion has changed? I was on holiday soaking up the sun! I’m back with an exciting post about The Styling Irish and accessories! As you know I’m always recommending wearing accessories for smart and casual outfits. However, beginning your accessories collection can be a daunting experience! What accessories do […]

The World of Canali

A quick look at my Instagram page will reveal my love for Italy! The locations, the fashion, the football teams (I’m a Juve fan), the rich history, the…..women, Italians do a lot of things very well. Italians are acclaimed for their style so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be working with the essence of […]


Hello Everyone, welcome to my guide to dapper dressing. Guys (and girls), we have all been there, those dapper dilemma’s?! What To Wear?! Whether it is to The Races, Graduations, Debs, Christening’s, Weddings, The Afters of a Wedding etc… We want to look good BUT we are suffering from a lack of inspiration. This post […]


Are you going on holiday soon? Looking for some sizzling Summer Style suggestions? Look No Further!  THE SUMMER SHIRT The days of wearing sports shorts and a vest on holiday are long gone. The style sizzles as hot as the sand, guys SO you need to dress well. With this in mind. I have compiled 4 […]


I was made in the 80’s. I feel fortunate and honoured to be entrusted with spreading the news another 80’s classic is back, MILANO CENTO! When I sniffed the scent for the first time I recognised it (I was a little young to buy fragrances then!) Okay, I hadn’t smelt it in years but a wave of nostalgia came flooding back as […]

Every Man Needs A Grey Blazer

Hey guys and girls welcome to the latest addition to my “Every Man Needs…” series. Every Man Needs is a series where I aim to provide you with wardrobe essentials whether you are a die hard fashionista or a guy who wants to look good but may not know where to begin! A Grey Blazer is essential for […]

The Opera Lane Way

Hello everyone, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Opera Lane Personal Shopper Natasha Crowley to bring you some gift ideas for Fathers Day. As a die hard fashionister (thanks Natasha!) I was delighted to be asked to talk about fashion. OPERA LANE For those of you reading this who may not be aware of Opera […]